Hairstyles to Try for Your Next Night Out on The Town

Hairstyles to Try for Your Next Night Out on The Town

Going out has always come with its fun traditional preparations. Half the fun happens before we even set foot outside of our homes. From the pre-drinks to the picking the perfect outfit, each step is always planned to the tee, so we look and feel our absolute best.

A lot of us tend to revert to the same hairstyle that we know has worked since about 2013, we know it goes great with any outfit, and it takes zero thinking power. In all of your selfies and group photos, you always look the same. It looks great, yet you know it’s time to try something new.

That’s where we come in, here is a list for you to choose from when you’re planning your next night out on the town:

Long Hair Don’t Care

Well, maybe care a little. If you’re rocking the super long tresses, there’s one style that will always look great on anyone. Jet straight, long, sleek and timeless. This style will literally turn heads when you walk into the bar. Rev up the heat factor by asking your hairdresser to give you bangs that compliment your face.

For The Fishes

The braided fishtail is perfect for thick hair that has decided it’s not going to be working with you or any style you throw at its way an hour before you have to dash out of the door. There are plenty of tutorials online where you can learn how to do this style yourself, or you can ask your hairdresser to teach you. Your hairdresser will also be able to point you in the direction of what styling products will work best with this braid.

The Pixie In Every Group

Short hair has always been worn by the brave. It is not a cut that everyone can pull off, and can take some getting used when learning how to style it quickly.

Every lady with the pixie cut has their go-to style that takes less than 5 minutes. But how about trying something new like opting for a full volume side-part? It looks chic and dare I say, red-carpet-ready when done perfectly. This is another style your hairdresser will be able to help you with.

Those Buns

The bun has been around for a while now, and it’s more popular than ever. It can be worn messy with a relaxed look or stunningly sculpted to perfection for a more formal night out.

This is one of our favourite styles because it’s so versatile.

The Bob

Since its launch in 1909, the bob has undergone many transformations. Each one of us has rocked this style at least once in our lifetime.

If you’re feeling adventurous why not ask your hairdresser what bob styles are in right now, there will most certainly be a style that will compliment your face shape as well as your personality. When you’re done, you’ll walk out feeling like a new person, and you’ll also be spending a lot less money on conditioner and shampoo.

Whatever you decide to do, be brave. As life moves and changes so should your style. Change is as good as a holiday, and I think whoever said that is definitely onto something.


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