5 Ways to Make Your Home Cozy for Winter

5 Ways to Make Your Home Cozy for Winter

Even though the days are starting to get a little longer, winter is certainly still here, and the need to hibernate is strong. Whether you are on an enforced period of hibernation due to ill health, or just want to retreat indoors after a hard day’s work, here are five tips to keep your home cozy over winter.

   1. Curtains

Always make sure that you draw the curtains when it gets dark. While the expanse of glass is necessary to let the warming natural light stream through in the day, by nighttime, your windows are allowing heat to escape. Drawing the curtains reduces heat loss by 15-17%. If you have a draughty external door, consider hanging curtains over that too – not only will make your home cozier, but you also benefit from reduced heating bills.

Shutting the curtains at night psychologically benefits you too.  You feel more secure and protected, which are two key ingredients of coziness.

  2. Textiles

Use winter as a very good reason to buy some new textile accessories for the home. In the warmer months, you are drawn to lighter and more delicate materials such as linens and delicate silks, whereas winter demands the heavier and more luxurious fabrics like velvet, tweeds and faux-fur. The colors of the fabrics you choose are dramatically different too – in summer, lighter pastels and soft tones are preferential, and yet winter commands richer, darker and more opulent colors such as emerald or strong mustard color. Swapping out pillows, rugs and throws for winter-friendly variations immediately transforms the ambience of your room.

  3. Lighting

Winter brings with it shorter daylight hours, and with that is the need for you to adapt your lighting habits to create a cozy environment. Use a variety of lighting options to achieve a warm light. Think modern table lamps and accent lamps to provide functional yet atmospheric lighting rather than using the main light in a room. Don’t repeat the height of the light across the room, choose lamps of varying heights to illuminate and create an inviting feel to the room.

  4. Seating

It is rather obvious, but you should ensure that your seating in your home is as comfortable as can be. Replacing couches and reupholstering chairs are big-ticket purchases, but you can do things such as plumping and turning your couch’s pillows daily to prevent the filling getting worn down in one place, which will increase the longevity and comfort of your chairs! You can also use the winter throws and blankets to help keep you cozy.

  5. Food

Winter is the time for pushing salads to the bottom of your menu, and replacing it with seasonal and locally grown vegetables, and slow-cooked dishes. Seasonal vegetables are ripened and harvested at the right time, and so are flavor and nutrient rich, which means that you are getting a higher quality of vitamin source to stave off winter illnesses.  The benefit of home cooking your winter recipes is that your home will be filled with the aroma of the food, and there is nothing quite as nice as that.


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