Gifts Your Employees Will Actually Use

Gifts Your Employees Will Actually Use

Giving gifts to your employees can be surprisingly stressful. Of course, you want to knock it out of the park while not breaking the bank. If you have a large department, you also want to make sure you’re giving everyone either the same thing or different gifts that are on par with one another so no one feels slighted. Lastly and most importantly, you want to get gifts your employees will actually use, and that’s no easy feat. Read on for our suggestions.

Gift Cards

If you just exclaimed, “Lame!”, all we ask is that you hear us out. The thing about gift cards is that you know they will get used. And while you might think this is “phoning it in,” it doesn’t have to be. If you get to know your employees, you’ll quickly pick up on the things they like to eat and the places they frequent. Get them a gift card to one of these places and your employee will not only be excited to get something she will use, but he or she will also be delighted that you know what they like.


Getting your employees clothes would not only be extremely difficult, but it could come across as oddly personal. If you’re going to get them a sweatshirt from their alma mater or the like, we can get behind this. Otherwise, however, we’d recommend sticking to accessories. Whether it’s a piece of costume jewelry, a colorful scarf, or dress watches from MVMT, accessories make perfectly priced but not overly personal gifts.


This is another gift option that shows your employees how much you’ve gotten to know them and value them. Whether you get them individual tickets to things you know each employee likes, or a group of tickets to see a play, game, or concert (all great for team bonding!), this is an option that will have them talking for years to come. Use StubHub to score some sweet deals.

Time Off

Can we get an “amen” for this one? Of course, if you answer to someone higher up on the food chain, you’ll have to get this approved. Once you’ve done that, though, giving your employees the gift of an extra (paid!) day or days off could very well make them happier than any physical gift you could present them. The bonus is that employees often return from time off feeling renewed and re-motivated to handle the tasks at hand.

Gifts Your Employees Will Actually Use

Stress Relievers

Whether you work in a high-powered office or not, working can always be stressful. Let your employees know that you understand this and that you appreciate them by offering something like a spa day, massage, or even a gift basket filled with things like essential oils, aromatherapy candles, and bath balms. If you want to think outside the box, a five or ten-pack to a local yoga studio is another fun option, and it could also be made into a teambuilding event.

Bombastic Booze or Fantastic Fare

This might sound strange but booze has become a perfectly acceptable gift among coworkers, as long as you know your employee doesn’t have an issue with alcohol! And because people won’t often buy “the good stuff” for themselves, an expensive bottle of wine, aged whiskey, or even craft beer will bring a smile to their faces. If you’ve got the funding to do so, a wine-of-the-month club membership from VINEBOX or the likes could be the gift that keeps on giving.

If your employees are more foodies than oenophiles, a gift basket with some of their favorite nibbles would be a great idea. The office carnivores would go over the moon for a fine steak or seasoned seafood gift!

A Holiday Bonus

Who’s going to argue with cold, hard cash? No one. Absolutely no one. While it’s not a mandatory thing by any means, holiday bonuses are highly valued and can be a huge incentive to boot. Employees know that these can vary from year to year depending on how well the business has done, but even a small holiday bonus will go a long way in garnering company loyalty.

While well meaning, that “Best Employee Ever” mug isn’t going to win you any “Best Boss Ever” awards. Choose any idea from this list of employee gift ideas and you’ll solidify your spot at the top.


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