You’re Shedding Me?! Overhauling That Underused Space

You're Shedding Me?! Overhauling That Underused Space

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While you may think of many innovative ways to change your garden, especially in the run-up to the summer months, there is one thing to think about when it comes to making your back garden a great space, and that is the choice of shed. The right shed can be many things to many people, but it can also be a haven; a place to go and relax away from the hubbub of a busy home. So, let’s tear away the preconceptions of a shed being just a storage space; what can you actually do to make your garden shed a great space?

Make A Creative Studio

Dylan Thomas wrote in his shed, as did Roald Dahl, and if you have a book in you, then a creative space will be just what you need to get those juices flowing. If you are more into painting, the fact that the space is nowhere near the house and is your own space in which to make mess, it lends itself perfectly for your future artistic efforts.

Turn It Into A Bar

You might think that a shed is too small a space to set up a bar, but it might be that ideal one for you to get away from the house from time to time. If there’s enough room for a stool, a small fridge, and a counter, then you’ve got perfect little space just for you.

Make A Proper Storage Space

There’s no reason to make your shed somewhere that you throw items in when they are not being used. You could turn the shed into the equivalent of a filing cabinet, with everything organized, from your hedge trimmers to your lawnmower, all hung up on designated hooks, to your leftover pieces of “junk” that has no place in the main house. The great thing is, if you’ve got a decent space to play with, you can make the shed double up as a storage space, but also has your own stamp on the place.

Start A Home Gym

Lots of people need a space to work out, but they don’t have the finances for a gym membership. This could turn your shed into a lucrative money maker. Or, you could just use it as your own personal workout space. You could install a weight rack, a pull-up bar, and various other equipment to make sure that your shed space is a place to kick your butt!

A Games Room

And for those who have longed for a place to put an arcade machine, a pool table, or just somewhere to hang around with your friends, a shed could be all those things.

Nowadays, sheds aren’t just a few planks of wood nailed together, they can be very sophisticated little buildings made from various materials. It all depends on your expenses, but if you are looking for somewhere that acts as another room in your house, it’s also a great way to push up the value of your home. Sheds can be a wonderful thing, and these are just a few ideas to turn your garden shed into a fantastic space.


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