Best things to do at the adventurous hub – Jupiter Florida

Best things to do at the adventurous hub - Jupiter Florida

Jupiter is an amazing place known for its spectacular beaches and breathtaking view. It is also an awesome hub for recreational activities like snorkeling, kayaking, horse riding, bicycle riding and dining.

If you are planning to visit this wonderful place, we will help you with the must-do favourite outings in this region. This will surely help you to explore and enjoy various outdoor activities.

Jupiter Lighthouse – This tower is one of the oldest and historic lighthouses built in the year 1860. Climbing the lighthouse to the top, to experience the mind-blowing view is worth every effort. The area around the lighthouse is simply beautiful and one can easily spend nearly 2 hours of time exploring every nook and corner. A hiking activity on the north side beach road through Florida lets you enjoy the stunning view of the tower amidst the luscious red mangroves.

Wild and picturesque river – It is known that Florida has about 26,000 miles of river. Amongst which 49.2 miles is categorised as wild and scenic, 7.6 miles of this beauty is found along the Loxahatchee River in Jupiter Florida. The tourists, who are seeking an all-day adventure, can rent canoes or kayaks or double kayaks from the Canoe Outfitters of Florida. River kayaking is known to be the most enjoyable outdoor activities for any adventure freak.

Boat tour to explain Florida history –Trapper Nelson is one of the quirky characters of Florida who turned his home into a major tourist attraction. ‘Trapper’s Zoo and Jungle Gardens’ is his home and also a fascinating destination which cannot be reached by roads. The visitors need to take a narrated boat tour inside Jonathan Dickinson State Park to experience this treasured place. However, the trip is always confirmed at the beginning of every day based on the River tide.

Hiking and Horseback riding – Jonathan Dickinson State Park is a heaven for all the hikers. The trekker can get a chance to spot the wildlife like deer and a variety of attractive birds. The visitor can also swim in the Loxahatchee at the sandy beach area amidst the park. This place is one of the few parks to offer horseback trail rides. This activity is available only between the month of December and April.

Barbeque party – A Barbeque party across the scenic riverside can be a perfect way to celebrate your trip with fresh river catches. You can plan your menu and theme well in advance. For any assistance related to bbq grills reach out to Grill Tanks Plus BBQ Grill Cleaning.

Picturesque Bicycle riding – There are three different places to enjoy bicycle rides. You can bring your own bikes or you could even rent it from Riverbend Park. The main places for this activity are Coral Cove Park near Jupiter Island and Hobe Sound Martin County Beach Park. The latter has about 80 parking spaces to park your bikes and numerous restrooms for tourists. The other place which has amazing spots for biking is Jonathan Dickinson State Park. It has nearly 9 miles of mountain biking roads which are considered to be the best in the surrounding region. Well, by the end of the day, pedalling in the traffic- free roads around the beautiful ponds and Rivers is definitely worth every single moment.

Snorkelling – The coastline along Jupiter islands is famous for craggy rocks which create squirts of water and magnificent splashes. This resulted in the name Blowing Rocks, which is basically a safeguarded wild and a natural beach. This rocky shoreline is a perfect spot for snorkeling. Blowing Rocks Preserve is well maintained by Nature Conservancy. The maintenance team does not even let the tourists bring their food or beverages during their visit. In case you need beverages and food you should head towards the north of the Blowing rocks, Coral Cave.

Secret beach – There is a secret spot or hidden beach close to Jupiter Islands, Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge. This spectacular beach does not have any signs of route or direction; it is spotted at the dead end of a two-lane road. The undeveloped shoreline extends for almost 5 miles. One can take a peaceful walk for miles with no disturbance of crowd or urban life.

Lodging and Dining Facilities

The miniature wooden cabins in the Jonathan Dickinson State Park are perfect for families to stay and enjoy. These units are well-equipped with facilities like bathrooms with tubs, air conditioning etc. These are beautifully located amidst the pine trees and Loxahatchee River with fire rings and picnic tables. Keep in mind, to book the cabinets well in advance as they are always full during the weekends.


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