Planning The Perfect Camping Trip

Planning The Perfect Camping Trip

Camping is an activity which is a great way to step away from the 21st century for a while and really connect with nature. If it are looking to get out there into the woods this year with your family or friends, here are some planning tips to help you out.

Decide on your Campsite

The first thing you will need to consider when you are looking to set up camp is where.

When you come to choosing a campsite, there are a few different types of campsite you can choose from. You can either choose to go for a holiday park and rent a plot of land to set up your tent, or if you want more privacy you can go for the primitive option.

Primitive camping is where you find a secluded area or ask a national park of toy can set up camps, and usually you will be able to set up pretty much anywhere within the boundaries of the park. Just bear in mind that if you go for the extreme option you will not have any water sources so you will need to come prepared.

  1. Plan Your Meals

    If you have never been camping before, then cooking a full meal in the olds might be rather intimidating at first. But don’t worry, you can buy cooking equipment from a site such as and this will make your life much easier. You can make grilled chicken, salads, boil water and make couscous, to can even make a pizza on the fire. It is just a case of being prepared and making sure you have everything you need before you go. When it comes to spices it might be a good idea to make up your spice mix and pack it in a small ziplock bag to save space in your luggage. And remember, no camping trip is complete without toasting a few marshmallows on the fire!

3.Make Your Itinerary

Before you go in any holiday you will want to create a rough plan of what you want to do beforehand, and camping is no different. Make sure that you plan things like swimming, hiking, kayaking and other activities before you leave, and this way you won’t end up just sitting in the woods bored all weekend. You can find some fun camping activity ideas here:

  1. Packing List

    it is more crucial than ever to make sure that you are prepared when you are camping than other holidays because you won’t be able to nip to the store if you forget anything. Also, check out sites like goodcampingsupplies as well well if you need more information and reviews on the types of provisions to be using for your camping trip.

Here is a general idea of everything you will need to bring with you:


Sleeping bag

Swiss army knife


Flashlights plus batteries



hiking boots

Comfortable clothes



A warm jacket and a coat

Toilet paper

First-aid kit


Matches or fire lighter


Plates and utensils



Bin bags for rubbish


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