Turning A Rental Into Your Temporary Home Sweet Home

Turning A Rental Into Your Temporary Home Sweet Home

Bold and bright furniture to transform your rental

There’s nothing like finally living your dorm room at the campus, or your bedroom in the family home to find a place of your own. Admittedly, for most young adults, it’s likely that the first accommodation you find will be a rental, but it doesn’t find that you shouldn’t feel at home. Rentals have the advantage that they don’t tie you down to mortgage repayments. However, they come with a legal agreement that stipulates that you are not authorized to make structural and longer-term modifications to the property. Don’t let the rules stop you from creating a homely place! Here’s a little guide on how to feel at home when you’re only a tenant.

Compromising but not on everything

When you’re looking for an apartment for rent , you need to be very clear on your criteria, and what you can and can’t compromise on. Ideally, the higher your budget, the more choice you’ll get. Nevertheless, you might need to make a list of your priorities and the nice-to)have features. For instance, you may want a large apartment, in town, close to your workplace and with a beautiful view. You may even find the perfect place, but it might be above your budget. So you need to compromise. Ultimately, you might have to make do with a slightly smaller apartment, but that remains well located and close from the office. What matters here is to evaluate the impact of your choice. A place on the outskirt of town might be bigger and cheaper, but are you ready to commit to a long commute?

It’s a tenancy agreement: Be practical, so you don’t lose your mind

Keep a rational mind when you move it as your landlord might ask you to pay for any damage. Consequently, you should ensure that everything is checked from Day One. Take pictures when you move in, they will serve as a comparison for you and the real estate agents. You should go through the inventory and check that everything is in working condition so that problems can be sorted out rapidly. If you feel confident that things are under control, you’re more likely to feel at home.

Rentals don’t have to be dull

Rentals can’t be renovated to your tastes, but you have a say in the decor. If you’re renting a partially furnished or unfurnished property, you can use bright furniture to set the mood. IKEA has plenty of colorful shelving units and chairs that are great for first-time tenants. Or you could paint your furniture with chalk paint if you enjoy DIY crafts. Some landlords will allow you to paint a few walls as long as you apply a coat of Magnolia before moving out. This can be helpful to build a homely feeling.

Create happy memories

Finally, home is where the heart belongs. So invite your friends and relatives and create new memories to cherish. After all, your rental is a space made for living. So make it part of your everyday life.

From a cold rental to a warm home, it doesn’t take much to appreciate where you live. All you need is somewhere that meets your requirements, with no room for worries, but also bold personalities and lots of fun.


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