How to Stay a Productive Student, Do Homework and Even Gain Knowledge on Holidays

How to Stay a Productive Student, Do Homework and Even Gain Knowledge on Holidays

As the holiday season gets near at hand again, it is time to think how are you going to spend it. The options are the same as always: call for online homework help, and spend all the time on family reunions and catching up with friends, running a marathon of parties and events, mixed with movie nights and ferocious daytime sleep. Or, maybe, you prefer a different scenario? The one where you stay productive and mindful throughout the whole season, and then start your new semester with a fresh mind and full of energy? We suggest you to stick to the fine line between these alternatives and live your holiday season to the fullest.

Avoid procrastination

Even if you were looking forward to the holidays just to stay in bed for as long as possible and watch all the movies and TV shows that you have been putting away for later, you should probably reconsider your decision. The best rest is the one that is diverse. Take some time to plan your anticipated leisure and important errands, so you would not have to do homework in the nick of time.

Set goals

Taking some time away from routine is a perfect opportunity to think about the future and set goals, and it is a perfect time to start taking action to achieve them. Try using different ways and tools for planning. For example, you can write lists and create mind maps using a pen and a sheet of paper, or use software to organize your thoughts and plans. It is important to be realistic and selective when planning your future: no matter how ambitious you are, it is important to leave some time for leisure and fun. Stick to the SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound), as there are bigger chances of achieving a goal if it falls into these characteristics.

Stay active

Holiday season is a good time to develop new habits, such as healthy eating and exercising. The advantages of sports are countless, however most of them are only visible in a long-term perspective. Constant exercises shape a healthier and stronger body, enrich brain with oxygen and boost cognitive skills. In other words, regular physical activity has a positive influence on your memory, studying skills and education. Keep in mind though, that if you want to make sport a habit, think of an exercising routine that will endure when you’ll have less free time during the semester. Moreover, holiday season gives you more time and opportunities to enjoy the mighty outdoors, so if you have been postponing a day-hike with friends, now might be a perfect occasion.

Take care

If you have been feeling tired lately, holidays are a good time to renew your energy. Nevertheless, simply sleeping more hours might not do the trick. So in order to feel more vigorous, sleep smart; determine the time when you feel most sleepy and call it a day, try to get 7-9 hours of sleep.

One more reasonable advice is to revise your eating habits. If you had a lack of time during the educational process and over-indulged fast food and unhealthy snacks, now would be a great time to learn a few fast and easy recipes, that would keep you from eating out and ordering food. Consequently, this will benefit your health and will save your money.

Be selective

You can receive many invitations to various events and meetups, but some of them can be of little interest to you. No need to accept every offer, at times a polite “no” can save you quite a considerable amount of time that can be spent much effectively.

Look through the syllabus

You can review the topic from the last semester to determine the weak spots, so that you can eliminate them. Now that all the exams and tests are passed, you can take your time to learn the most interesting topics deeper and study all the things that were unclear to you. Another good idea would be to examine the syllabus for the next semester, so you can detect the expected hardships and take some steps to minimize the potential stress. Previewing the syllabus will help you decide whether you will need any help with homework later, so you can start thinking of where to reach for such help.

Learn something new

Holidays are a good time to question the way how do you do homework, and think of more effective ways of studying. If you’re used to ordering your homework online, for any reason, you’ll never learn effectively, and there are different methods of changing it. One of the powerful techniques that are used for better memorizing and arranging information is mind mapping. This method implies a visual representation of data and it is far more efficient than the regular linear note-taking technique. It helps you enhance creativity and critical thinking, which are crucial in the process of problem solving. Mind maps are also useful for recalling and revising information, which makes them an ultimate educational tool.

Mind mapping software brings this technique to a new level. It allows managing information flow, organizing ideas and concepts, and sharing them with others. It is an indispensable tool for group projects, as it allows coordinating the project team members, enhancing brainstorming and composing efficient plans. Some services provide mind mapping templates to make the planning even easier and faster.


Fiction or non-fiction, it’s up to you. Choose a book and read it from cover to cover, while you have an opportunity to relax on a couch and there are no deadlines to meet. Reading is a unique mental stimulation that prevents brain from losing it’s power and cognitive skills. Further still, reading expands vocabulary and positively influences writing skills, hence you won’t have to reach for a homework service to write a book review for you.


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