5 Expert Tips for Designing the Perfect Office Space

5 Expert Tips for Designing the Perfect Office Space

Cubical can be downright depressing. You’ve seen Office Space right? Making a cubicle feel more like a normal place of work is definitely not an easy job.

Even if you’re a design maven at home, how can you work with just a few square feet? Nonetheless, if you want to maximize your working hours and be as productive as possible, you really need to make some changes to those few square feet.

So what can you do to strike a perfect balance between style and comfort? Well, we’re here to help you with that.

Here we have some tips, employed by industry experts like folks from Office Principles that will allow you to utilize the space you have properly.

1.      Have a DIY Attitude

Don’t start spending a ton of money right away. While buying a cute paper holder is not a bad thing per se, you should open your “do-it-yourself” mind and find some design hacks that will help you freshen things up. Browse through Pinterest boards for a few minutes and find get some inspiration from other people’s DIY projects.

2.      Comfort Comes Before Style

Although you want to make your place of work more visually appealing, you still have to remember that style is nothing without substance. And in this case, substance means comfort. If your chair isn’t comfortable at all, you should find something cozier that will help you stay concentrated, for example.

3.      Brighten the Place Up

If you work late hours, you surely need some good desk-lamps to help you when the sun goes down. But too shouldn’t take this tip too literally – you should also brighten your workspace up with some artwork and family pictures that will lighten your mood when you’re feeling completely drained.

4.      Get Some Relaxing Greenery

You’ve probably heard that the color green has a calming effect on our brains. Since you can’t change the color of your cubicle, why not add some plants to make things feel fresher and give your brain the boost it needs in the middle of a busy day. Plus, a few plants will kill off a number of bacteria that love to hang around your office.

 The Bottom Line: Escaping Your Cubicle

In the end, no one wants to get stuck in a cubicle for the rest of their life. Even if you manage to make it feel comfortable and look stylish, if you have an option to work from home, you should take it without thinking too much about it.

Needless to say, you can still apply the same tips to your home office. Maybe add some bright furniture and to make things look more fashionable.

But if you have to work from your office, make the most out of it. You shouldn’t be sitting around in a grey-looking cubicle for a few years, waiting for an opportunity to start telecommuting. Get up right now and make the changes you need to make your work life more comfortable.

You know you deserve it…


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