Make Your Curb Appeal Exceptional with These Landscape Lighting Tips

Make Your Carb Appeal Exceptional with These Landscape Lighting Tips

Homeowners spend their time and resources choosing the best trees and plants for outdoor décor. Even more, they invest in landscaping services to ensure the décor remains in perfect condition. However, there is one aspect of landscaping that many homeowners ignore; lighting. When evening sets in and darkness engulfs the entire place, the beautifully designed landscape suddenly disappears. With the right choice of landscape lighting however, you can make the most out of your evening curb appeal. With a couple of tips, you will be good to go.

Have a plan

Before proceeding with landscape lighting design, have the end in mind. What is the outcome you are looking for at the end of the project? Do you just want to light up the backyard and have a nice time in the evenings? Is your aim to illuminate the pathways and patios to prevent possible slips at night? For some people, you might just want to highlight certain architectural features of your home so they can be visible from the streets. You can also choose to add more landscape lights to enhance outdoor security while focusing less on aesthetics. Either way, you need to define your goals with regards to the landscape. This will enable you think outside while ensuring all the necessary elements are covered.

Don’t neglect the basics

Landscape lighting services involve much more than what meets the eye. While making plans for outdoor lighting, certain elements of your yard must be captured. An inclusive landscape lighting design must cover:

  • Driveways
  • Entryways and pathways
  • Patios
  • Water features
  • Trees

By covering all the essential elements of your outdoor space, you will leave the general landscape looking awesome while ensuring nothing of importance is neglected.

Opt for LED landscape lighting

When selecting landscape lighting, you have two popular choices to pick from; LED and halogen. While halogen used to be the preferable pick for landscapes, many homeowners are steadily embracing LEDs as the ideal go-to source for landscaping needs. LED lights are known for the durability. You will worry less about climbing that tree or digging through the snow more often to replace bulbs. Longevity aside, LED lights are designed to withstand various aspects including vibrations and shocks. After a winter storm has buried nearly everything below the snow, LED lighting will remain resilient, outshining the storm.

Blend various types of lighting

When choosing landscape lighting for your project design, you have the option of investing in overall lighting or using particular lights for specific purposes (functional lights). You can also take advantage of certain lighting fixtures to accentuate some architectural elements within your home. This can work well with flood lights or spot lights. Ideally, the trick to bringing the most out of the outdoor décor is to blend different lighting combinations. Find a way of incorporating task, accent or overall lighting for a better feel in your lawn.

The best choice of landscape lighting is what you need to display the beauty of your home when night falls. Before investing in landscape lighting, be sure to know and understand what you are going for.


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