How Vaping Beat-Out Smoking as Fashionable

How Vaping Beat-Out Smoking as Fashionable

Despite the past tradition of smoking cigarettes to be fashionable and cool, the past ten or so years have shown it to become gross and not-so-in-style. What used to be considered rebellious and unpredictable soon become unintelligent and just plain immature in both a real sense and in the world of fashion.

However, while cigarettes began to fade out of popularity, a new prince swooped into town and was crowned king. The e-cigarette crazed has shown to be proven as a healthier option to smoking and the smart choice for the independent and fashion-conscious consumer.

E-cigarettes give off a water-based vapor in replacement of what used to be dirty smelling smoke and give a less harmful presence for those using the products as a vaping mechanism and also those around the vaping individual: making e-cigarettes the new sense of style, independence, and fashion!

Here are a few ways on how vaping beat out traditional smoking as fashionable:

1) More Health-Conscious Choice

Smoking is widely known to cause damage to the lungs over the course of time as well as stain the teeth, nails, and skin, and also cause odorous smells and bad breath. In addition, harmful chemicals emitted from smoking are known to contain cancerous elements that are not present in e-cigarettes. In addition, several famous individuals have taken up the habit of vaping in place of smoking and therefore bolstering its appearance in the public eye.

2) No More Actual Smoke

Not only is cigarette smoking dangerous and bad smelling, but it is also irritating and harmful for those who do not smoke to be in the presence of. The presence of smoke hurts the throat and lungs as second-hand smoke and can cause a rift between those who smoke and their family and friends who do not smoke and who do not wish to be around it. Vapor, on the other hand, disperses in the air and is far less irritating to those who would traditionally be affected by cigarette smoke.

3) More Access to Every Day Places

Since smoking has been banned in many indoor and some outdoor public places in the last decade, many smokers are now limited access to places where they can smoke. However, vaping has allowed the habit to be less prohibitive in many places and allowed in many more venues than traditional smoking. Now that it is a widely accepted type of “smoking”, vaping can be used in more places and therefore allow better access for you to go.

4) It is Fresh, New, and Still Cool

Packaging of traditional cigarettes is bound with red tape because of health concerns, but e-cigs can be marketed very freshly and uniquely and can keep the owner in a positive light. In addition, e-cigarettes can be appealing and savvy and contain LED lights, buttons, and other cool devices that cigarettes cannot. The fact that you own a vaping device shows that you are up to date with technology. In addition, because of its freshness, the hype of e-cigs has made it fashionable and trendy in addition to the health benefits it provides above traditional smoking. It has shown to be more than a fad and looks like it will far outlast the negative habit of smoking cigarettes.

If you are stuck on traditional cigarettes, you can upgrade your fashion sense by checking out the lighting side of things associated with vaping. For additional information, you should Google some specialty sites and get in the know about e-cigarettes.


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