Simple But Effective Ways of Boosting Cardio Fitness

Simple But Effective Ways of Boosting Cardio Fitness

What is the best way of boosting your cardio fitness score or VO2? You must learn about the most effective way of boosting your aerobic capacity. If you lose weight, your cardio fitness score could go up. However, a fantastic way of increasing your levels of cardiorespiratory endurance is simply with exercise. As per research findings, higher intensity workout via intervals, for instance, pushing yourself while exercising for short spells of time, could give your fitness score the maximum boost. Here are few ways of elevating your heart rate and effectively boosting cardio fitness.

Things to Keep in Mind While Walking

Substitute leisurely walks by purposeful walking. An average 155-pound individual would end up burning roughly 150 calories by walking briskly for about 3.5 miles/ hr. for half an hr. You may also raise your heart rate. You must consider boosting your pace for a minute or so, and then switch back to a relatively leisurely walk for another minute. Hiking could boost your heart rate even more.

Dictates For Strength Training

You must opt for performing circuits for engaging multiple muscle groups for keeping your heart rate well-elevated. For instance, after a few push-ups, perform a set of effective bodyweight squats, these should be followed by a few bench dips and then followed by the walking lunges. You may perform by alternating workouts as that would be helpful in working out diverse muscles and it would allow the muscles that were working to rest while you continue working out the muscles that had not worked at all.

Repeat this entire circuit at least, thrice daily. You could rest for 30 seconds to almost a minute and take a short water break in between each whole series if you require. Another effective way of losing weight is performing short sets using heavier weights. Remember High-Intensity strength and interval training could be effectively boosting your heart rate. You may try the worlds best steroids if suggested by your trainer or doctor.

Yoga Alerts

You must consider looking for a Flow class. You would be moving constantly with your breath that will be assisting you in keeping your heart rate truly elevated. If you are not able to locate a Flow class, try finding a Warrior 2 for the longest possible. Power yoga exponents tell us that the pose would be creating a full-bodied challenge where the heart is truly revved up.

Cycling Suggestions

You must maintain 40/20 intervals for keeping your rides interesting and quick irrespective of where you are, on a stationary bike or moving on the road. Consider pedaling for 40 seconds along with 80 cadence and maximum resistance to the extent possible. You must follow that up with pedaling for 20 seconds along with 100-stroke cadence. There should be no resistance. Do this ten times.


Gaining cardiovascular fitness is only possible if you stress your heart muscle involving in sustained bouts of activity and exercise and keeping the heart rate always elevated. It also involves building your tolerance level to muscle lactate for maintaining your run for a much longer period. Your bodies are amazingly adaptable as such, after a certain period of time, the workouts that you once found very difficult would begin to feel much easier. It is during that period, you must necessarily increase the volume, the frequency, the intensity for achieving continuous progress in fitness.

Author Bio: Jimmy Stevens is a bodybuilder and a blogger. He shares his experiences and tips with his fans and readers. He feels that some of the world’s best steroids are found online. You may consider incorporating them into your diet provided your doctor or trainer recommends them for you.


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