Tips and Tricks for designing the perfect kitchen

Tips and Tricks for designing the perfect kitchen

Kitchen is the most important place at home. When elegantly and beautifully designed this part of the home can instantly lift up your mood to brighten up your day. Check out some of the below tips to design perfect kitchen.

  1. Add colours to your kitchen interiors

Colourful interiors can make your life cheerful and lively. If your kitchen walls are of white paint, colour the cabinets in contrasting colours. Go for bold colours like blue, peppermint, mid to deep grey shades or sage green. Add a sleek look to your cabinets – by painting the cabinet doors in two-pack satin finish. This makes cabinet cleaning much easier. You can even choose colourful kitchen appliances to match with your kitchen interiors. Kitchen appliances in peppy colours can look aesthetic and make a unique style statement. Some of interesting colours for kitchen appliances include red, dark colour schemes, black colour over stainless steel etc.

  1. Find a right place for kitchen organisers

Placing kitchen organisers at right place help you build a well designed one. Pen down the list of things you have in your kitchen – discover a best place for them. Spices and oils are best placed on cook top, Chopping boards and platters are perfect in workspace.  Find a place for all your baking essentials near the baking oven, arrange your entire stainless steel forks and spoons on the dining table, let the dishware assist you in dishing up. Organising things this way makes it is more accessible and reduces lot of work too.

  1. Utilise your kitchen space efficiently

It is imperative to utilise the kitchen space professionally. If you are a person who wants people to be around you while you are cooking, consider adding a design element that makes the area lively. For instance, you could have dining table set in your spacious kitchen – so that, your friends or family can accompany you, while you cook for them. Some people love to have their own space while cooking – in such cases, the dining table or seating arrangements can be done outside kitchen area.

  1. Build around ventilation

Ventilation naturally adds more space to your kitchen. Make use of the natural lights via windows to add a spacious illusion. Work around kitchen windows to build appliances and shelves – this can spontaneously light up your kitchen. For those windows positioned at awkward places or positions – Combine it with wall cabinets to create unique cabinets. After all, different weights, heights and depths contribute to unique designs or interiors. Kitchen ventilation also helps in removing fumes by cleaning up the hot air and letting in the fresh clean air.

  1. Prioritise storage to keep mess at bay

Storing kitchen utilities at the right place can transform your kitchen into heaven. These days, kitchen storage is one of the major trends in kitchen interiors. Kitchen designing mainly include designing of storage drawers and cupboards. Storing crockery’s, saucepans and utensils in cupboards is an awesome way to reduce mess. It also reduces the frustration of searching items every now and then. At ‘visionhomes’ design website you can find some kitchen design tips and tricks to assist you in better designing this part of your home.

  1. Tile proof your splashback

Deciding on tiles can be an exhausting task. We wish to buy the whole store filled with colourful and attractive tiles. Tiles are actually the best option for splashback. The tempting mirrors and glasses for kitchen splashback, can only reflect the mess on your kitchen slab and workspace.  The mirrors and glasses are not safe in a hot environment. Hence, it is best to prefer tiles which look classy and easy to maintain. Tiles range from affordable to expensive price. You can pick a right one depending on your budget. Plastic splashbacks are also a good option, says Cut My Plastic. They are easy to clean and often much cheaper then your conventional glass and tiled splash backs.

  1. Put the sink out of sight

Sink is the most important place in kitchen. Keep the sink lower than your kitchen slab – This minimises the water splashing while washing vessels. It is also easier to wipe away the excess water around the sink area. A wet kitchen looks messier than a cluttered workspace. With discrete varieties of sink materials available you could select a good one to ensure durability. But, before choosing your kitchen sink, keep in mind the size of your kitchen. Also know that different sinks have different pros and cons. For example, if you choose a flat bottom sinks, it might leave behind more residual water when compared to a curved bottom.

Apart from the above tips, think practically and don’t just go by trends. Some simple calculations do matter – like the triangular distance between sink, workspace and stove should not be too big.

On the whole, keep your kitchen simple yet classy. Consider these important factors while designing the heart of your home and give the space an instant make-over.


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