Some Ways of Tackling Negative SEOEffectively

Some Ways of Tackling Negative SEOEffectively

Have you been a victim of negative SEO? You may be vulnerable to it. Be alert and let no one take you by surprise and bring you down. There exists a lot of rivalry in today’s competitive world. There would be numerous individuals who simply cannot digest your success and are thinking of doing harm to your business. You must be attentive and keep looking out for any suspicious activities or issues on your website.

Remember that negative SEO is very much a reality and it could strike you anytime. Millions of businesses are being impacted adversely by negative SEO. It could completely disrupt and destroy your website via the use of malicious backlinks and aggressive backlink spamming.

What Do You Mean by Negative SEO?

Negative SEO actually refers to all those activities and steps that may adversely impact your ranking performance on the search engines. An SEO agency such as can also be helpful in regard to identifying negative SEO practices. Some spiteful people would be creating a tremendous amount of spammy links and then would be directing them to your website with the intention of getting you penalized by Google. On rare occasions, these malicious individuals may consider hacking your site with an intention of altering the content so that Google is provoked. Different forms of negative SEO also include:

  • Copying the content in your site and then distributing it everywhere
  • Website hacking
  • Using irrelevant and inappropriate keywords for pointing to your website
  • Eliminating performing backlinks that are existing on your site
  • Coming up with fake profiles and accounts on social media with an intention of ruining your reputation. To be precise, negative SEO is certainly a reality, and it could affect any and everybody.

Identifying Negative SEO

Here are a few things to look out for if you wish to determine negative SEO.

  • Sudden and unexplained dip in search traffic
  • Penalty notification sent to you from Google
  • Dip in keyword ranking
  • Website speed has gone down
  • Bogus link removal requests

Ways of Preventing Negative SEO

You Must Do Consistent Link Audits

It is recommended by experts that you must go on performing link audits on a regular basis. This would be saving you both money and unnecessary stress in times of negative SEO attack. Consistent link audits are surely the most effective way of ensuring safety and perfect identification of malevolent activities before they could harm your site in any way. Use effective link research tools such as Ahrefs and Open Site Explorer for manually monitoring your links. Consider setting up Webmaster Tools that send email alerts. You would be getting email alerts from Google whenever there are indications of:

  • Your page being indexed by the search engines
  • Malware or spyware attack
  • Your server seems to have issues
  • Google has manually penalized your site

Seek professional intervention by expert services such as to tackle all SEO issues effectively.

Keep Track of Your Site’s Speed

You need to keep examining if all is okay with your site speed. Your site speed must be steady. The loading speed of any website is vital to success. If you find that your site is loading perpetually slowly without any logical explanation to you, it is mandatory to hunt for suspicious activity.If no suspicious activity could be determined yet your site speed is sluggish, you must be affected by the phenomenon called forceful crawling. Forceful crawling involves heavy server load that could result in your website crashing.


You need to be alert at all times. Follow the above-mentioned tips. Additionally, remember to always keep your top performing backlinks covered and fully-protected. Let everyone know that there is no intention of removing those backlinks. You may consider adding tags to your top backlinks for getting notifications whenever they are eliminated.

Author Bio: Andy Jones is an SEO plan expert who runs his own consultancy services. He is an avid blogger and his posts are interesting and informative. He recommends professional SEO companies such as for best SEO solutions & prompt services.


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