What Your Decor Says About Your Business

What Your Decor Says About Your Business
What Your Decor Says About Your Business

Your business is more than just a way for you to make a living, it’s an extension of you. Every single deal, every single transaction, every employee you hire, every word that makes up your content marketing and every single product you sell is a statement. It’s a statement that says, “this is me, and this is why you should invest in me”. You take great pains to hire the people that will represent your identity and values in their customer interactions, their appearance and their demeanor. Yet, this is all for nothing if the same care effort and attention isn’t reflected in the design concept of your business premises.

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Your building is your branding

Cohesive branding is a cornerstone of any successful business in the digitally led, ultra fast paced, super competitive 21st century market. Even if your digital presence is on point, with a beautifully designed logo, incredible quality content and a cohesive sense of brand identity, it’s likely to create cognitive dissonance among your customers if the same branding is not evident in the business’ physical presence. If your website and your premises don’t look like they belong to the same business, it’s worth looking into making some changes that will create synergy in your brand.  

The power of color

If you haven’t given your branding much thought, this is the perfect opportunity to retrofit your branding to suit your business. This is your opportunity to think about the colors you use and what they say about your business. Blue, for example, represents aspiration, hope and possibility which is why it’s so often used in the tech sector and social media. The great thing about blue is that depending on shading and hue it can be made warm or cold to suit the atmosphere you want visitors to experience. Green represents nature, freshness and a sense of harmony and again the sheer variety of tones and shades available affords tremendous opportunity when it comes to decor. Purple has an innate sense of quality, prestige and luxury (which is why it’s used in marketing indulgent products like chocolate) while yellow has a no-nonsense, masculine quality (especially when paired with black).If you’re looking for more colours and what emotions they express, see this article here.

Every stick of furniture counts

It may well be that your branding is conducive to a dissonant, shabby chic approach in which no two pieces of furniture or no two walls match. For many businesses, however, this can create an off putting sense of visual chaos. Needless to say your premises should be kept clean, tidy and hygienic with immaculate carpet and gleaming surfaces. Allowing your surfaces to become dulled, damaged or shiny can only cheapen your brand. Check out https://sacramentocarpetcleaning.org/ if your carpets are looking a little the worse for wear. Ensuring that every piece of furniture, every choice in fabric and every nuance of color form a cohesive brand will do wonders for your brand’s prestige.

Moreover, maintaining a clean, tidy and well lit environment will help to improve employee productivity and ensure that your customers, clients and visitors have a pleasurable experience that will create positive associations with your brand and your business.


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