6 Ideas to remove pet hair and keep home clean

6 Ideas to remove pet hair and keep home clean

We all love our cats and our dogs! They are cajolers, affectionate, sleepers and players, but let’s face it, these beautiful creatures leave undesirable traces on our furniture, our clothes and our carpets: the hairs! This mostly happens in the shedding season. Those who have multiple cats or dogs at home will understand this! But there are many products and ways to remove pet hair from clothes and furniture. They behave like magnets and attract loose hairs from carpet, beddings, clothes and furniture.

 Here are 6 simple tips to get rid of pet hair at home!

  1. Old tights:

Here’s a good way to reuse your old nylon stockings: to get rid of cat hair! The tights are very attractive to the hair, if you scrub vigorously a garment covered with hair, they will be transferred to the bottom of nylon. Here we can then get rid of the sticky now hairy and you’re done.

  1. How to vacuum?

While vacuuming to decrease the pet hairs from rugs and carpets, you must use it alternate directions twice. This will help you to get rid of free and stubborn hair from the carpets, bed, and rugs.  This is one of the best wants to get rid of the hair. For this you can invest in a vacuum. This will be one time investment, but quite worthful. There is simple guide on vacuum cleaner for you to select the best one.

  1. A dishwashing glove:

Being made of silicone or rubber, dishwashing gloves have practical anti-slip properties to get rid of cat hair. The glove is used to circularly rub a cat-hair-covered tissue which forms small balls of hair that are super easy to remove for shedding.

  1. Sticky paper:

 Yes, a very simple thing that can be effective for small areas of fabric to clean. First glue the adhesive paper on the back of your hand to make it a little less tacky and then stick it on the tissues to remove hair.

  1. A sponge and cleaning solution:

 To clean a carpet, it will take something bigger. Mix 1/2 liter of water and 4-5 tablespoons of vinegar and spray this liquid on the carpet. Leave on for a few seconds, which will lose the adhesion to the hair. They will then be easy to remove by brushing with a slightly soaked sponge.

  1. A plastic brush:It’s not you who work here! You only must rub the peaks of the brush which will make them electrostatic. Then apply the brush to the garment or furniture to be cleaned, which will automatically attract the bristles to the brush. Remove them as you go and scrub the brush again as needed.

Some other ways:

On wooden furniture or windows

Once you have taken care of the hair on the floor, you can gain height and move to the furniture. On the furniture, wipe with a microfiber cloth very slightly moistened with water. To be sure of how much to put, act as if you are going to put perfume on and spray as much water on the cloth as perfume on your neck. The cloth attracts the hair and put little water to keep the hair stuck.

Soaked towel: Wet a towel lightly with cold water and rub the fabric. Then remove the clumps or balls of hair formed.


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