5 Tips to Decorate in a Minimalist Style

5 Tips to Decorate in a Minimalist Style

As with loft style, minimalist style is a favorite for the young. Unlike what many think, it is not just empty rooms. What you are looking to decorate a minimalist style is to show the beauty in simplicity.

The minimalist style is a clear, where they are used to a minimum the elements. The idea is not to overwhelm the space, but to reduce the furniture and objects to the essentials of life. Let us then 5 tips to decorate in a minimalist style.

Colors minimalist

To decorate minimalist style will choose a neutral tone is generally white-for objects to place contrast with the background. We can choose another color, but in shades that contrast with the furniture and decor. The shades of gray, from dark to light are allowed, also blue. The important thing is that the furniture differentiates.

Furniture minimalist

The minimalist furniture is sober but elegant, not only simple cold. We should note that the minimalist seeks only use the necessary furniture, so we can use furniture with multiple functions.

We can choose chairs in white or clear frames and legs very dark or contrasting tones. Better an innovative and cutting edge style. Table’s very distinct lines, preferably rectangular, can be wood or some other material, but it is better to choose one modern and polished finish.

Flats for minimalist decor

Something important to decorate in a minimalist style is that the floors are contrasting with the walls or ceiling. So we can use good quality linoleum, dark woods and well painted, they can also be white or black but well polished, well give you a feeling of space and cleanliness of our house.

Minimalist style in the kitchen

For our kitchen is minimalist, it is better not add more elements than we need, on the one hand this makes our job easier as it will be easier to clean and keep in order. A widely used minimalist kitchen tiles in white, are easy to clean and give the impression of enlarging the kitchen. A style faucet simple, smooth door refrigerator is better than a rounded door.

How to decorate a minimalist room

To decorate a minimalist room, we use the just and necessary furniture, modern beds, without footboard, with rectangular bases and contrasting colors to the walls. Blankets in plain colors, white or a contrasting color. Floors in birch hardwood would be the best to decorate a minimalist room. We can paint the walls in a dark gray, white or some other color that does not clash with the house, but to give more warmth, like a brick orange or cobalt blue.

We hope these tips serve you to decorate in a minimalist style. This modern style has two advantages: the first is that it shows that there can be beauty in the simplicity of the home, and the second is that with some simple cleaning tips everything is in perfect order.


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