Essay Writing Can Actually Make You Happy! Here’s How

Essay Writing Can Actually Make You Happy! Here’s How

Essay writing usually causes distress. Why is that the case? It’s related to deadlines and the pressure of getting a good grade. Plus, if you have to write on a topic you don’t understand, it takes way more time than planned.

There’s a good side to essay writing, too. Before getting to the final paper, you go through a process that can boost your memory. Moreover, the right mindset can boost your mood and make you happy.

Marina Sturman, an essay writer for EduGeeksClub academic writing service, shares her own experience: “As most students, I used to hate essay writing, too. Then, I decided I’d give it the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it’s not such a scary process, after all. I started exploring topics I was interested in and writing essays on them. Suddenly, writing became the highlight of my years as a student. I started loving it so much that I turned it into a career.”

Writing is not only about grades. It has immense health benefits, which is why it’s commonly used in psychotherapy.

You wanna know how academic writing can make you a happier person? We have a list of benefits for you.

1.   Writing Helps You Overcome Stress

Expressive writing is usually related to traumatic events, or such that left a great impression on you. If you don’t express those deep thoughts and emotions, you keep suppressing them. Although you can’t go through tough trauma just by writing an expressive essay, it’s an important part of the process.

In an experiment conducted by Stefanie Spera and Eric Buhrfeind, the healing power of expressive writing was shown through the practices of people who recently lost their jobs. The ones who wrote about their feelings managed to overcome the challenge and got new jobs faster than the ones who didn’t rely on expressive essay writing.

Through writing, you express your feelings. That helps you to identify and understand that. With that alone, you’re able to go through trauma more effectively than most people who don’t write.

2.   Writing Keeps Your Mind Healthy

Are you committed to an exercise routine because you want to keep your body healthy? Better health makes you happier, doesn’t it?

Essay writing works on your mind in the same way that exercise works on your body. It conditions it. It’s a great cognitive exercise that keeps it in shape. With each essay you write, you’re training your mind to develop stronger arguments and present them through a clear written expression.

3.   Essay Writing Makes You a Better Thinker

To write an essay, you have to set your ideas right. You need to develop strong arguments and convince the reader that you’re making a valid point. The habit of writing puts you in direct control over your thoughts. It helps you avoid those ‘tip of the tongue’ moments and find the right words to express any idea you have.

Research showed that writing improves all executive functions of the brain, including those related to math and science skills.

4.   Writing Changes Your Perspective

When you’re thinking about global warming, world hunger, war, or other disturbing topics, it’s easy to get depressed. You start thinking that this world is heading towards a very dark place and there’s no way out.

When your professor asks you to write an essay on one of these topics, however, you’re forced to look into various possible solutions. Suddenly, you become more positive. You start seeing your role in global processes and you get inspired to do your part. Essay writing has the power to change your perspective! When you become a proactive member of the community, you envision options and solutions that make you happier.

5.   Essay Writing Helps You Learn More

Let’s say your professor asks you to write a paper on the ideas that inspired communism, but you know nothing about this topic. What do you do? You research. You learn! Then, you write the paper and you’re left with the feeling of accomplishment.

With each topic you explore, you learn something new. You’re expanding your point of view and you realize that learning is one of the most important things that can make you happy.

6.   Writing Forces You to Organize Your Thoughts

Your mind is a total mess most of the time. It bounces from one thought to another, and you can rarely see the connection.

When you’re writing, your mind has no other option but to focus. Through the brainstorming and outlining process, you’re learning how to organize your thoughts while maintaining the flexibility needed for creative thinking.

You’re training your mind to work under your control. With this superpower, you can prevent negative thinking patterns. You can start developing the skill of positive thinking.

7.   The Feeling of Completing an Essay Is Priceless!

Come on; aren’t you happy when you complete an essay and you know it’s good? Admit it: you’re thrilled. Suddenly, all that time you spent on developing arguments, finding supportive sources and writing the paper doesn’t seem like a waste. It seems like a valid effort that gave you great results.

Now you know it: essay writing can make you happy. It gets better than that: the results affect not only you, but many other people as well. If you become a better writer through practice, you can start making real changes in this world.

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