How to maintain a vacuum cleaner?

How to maintain a vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners are normally known to help us out with the cleaning tasks. It does suck even the tiniest particle of dust and keep our living space dirt free. They also play a major role in keeping us healthy and fit. It has made cleaning easier and hence a relief for us from all that tiring bending and kneeling to be done for cleaning. The flexible device with all the detachable attachments it can even clean the smallest and farthest corners of our house without much effort. Vacuum cleaners themselves also need to be taken care of time to time. Also, the regular and proper maintenance of the device is important for its flawless functioning. Just like other electronic appliances all the type of vacuum cleaners needed to clean properly and taken care of. Sometimes it can be hard to learn the maintenance procedure without affecting the efficient working. Here are some of the tips and points you can take care of while cleaning the device.

Special attention should be paid towards unplugging the device before performing any kind of cleaning or maintenance task on it to avoid risks.

Regular replacement of bag should be done

All the dirt and dust from you cleaning are all collected inside the dust bags or containers attached to the vacuum cleaners. Replacing the bag on a regular basis is one of the quickest and easiest steps to maintain your vacuum cleaner. The bag should be cleaned and replaced when 2/3 rd full, you do not have to wait for it to completely fill. This helps the cleaner to work properly without any debris accumulating inside. The larger amount of debris accumulated in the dust bag affects the efficient working of the device. If the cleaner starts to spill out the debris it is a clear-cut sign that the bag is full and needed to be replaced. Or if the suction power of your vacuum has reduced t symbolizes the same. To avoid all the above-mentioned problems you can buy a bagless vacuum cleaner but it will have very small storage space.

For bagless models, you need to empty the device on a regular basis and take often after the cleaning is done. Many of the machines have some kind of signal indicating when to empty the receptacle. But even if it hasn’t reached the mark yet, it is wise to empty the receptacle anyways. The most preferred method is to get rid of all the debris after every single use. Or else it can settle down in the unit and affect its working in a harmful way. Also clean the attached filter once, when you empty the container. Some of the filters can be easily washed while the others can be dusted to clear any remaining sign of debris remaining in it.

Purchasing a durable vacuum cleaner

Purchasing a vacuum cleaner with high durability is essential in acquiring a long-lasting vacuum cleaner. A durable vacuum cleaner may cost more than a lower-quality vacuum however you’ll save money by not having to replace your vacuum every couple of months. There are a handful of useful websites which help you identify the best vacuum cleaners for a cheap price. LYRTech have produced a list of the best vacuum cleaners for under 100 dollars. It’s important not to rush a vacuum purchase, always ensure you get the best product for your money.

Attach the bag properly

Even though it sounds very easy but with some models of vacuums, it is quite typical of a process. While attaching the bag back to the machine make sure the correct bag is attached and that too in a significant way, without leaving any kind of escape route for all that debris inside. You should also stock the correct bags. Because of so many new models coming out every year, no one knows when the manufacturing unit for your old model bag closes. The method for bag attachment differs from every model but one thing you can make sure is the opening of the bag is rightly screwed up that nozzle. All the hooks, clips, or holders if present need to be attached to the right place.

Clean the brush roll

The brush roll of the vacuum needs occasional checking too. Any item like floss, hair or strings over time can get attached or wrapped around the brush rolls and prevents the spinning in the way it should. You can remove the item either while the roll is attached or detach it first. The suggested method will be to detach the roll first if you are sure enough to get it back on finely. Removing can also help you with a deeper clean. Any kind of dirt or debris trapped inside the cap or roll bearing can also be cleaned by damping a rug against it.  Also, soap wash can be considered to make sure complete cleanliness. To perform this task effectively, follow this guide.

Filter and hoses

Many new models of vacuums have filters attached to collect the indoor pollution creating particles. If your vacuum does have a filter makes sure to clean it properly and make replacements when required. You can select from the plastic and paper or fabric filter depending on your convenience. The HEPA filter installed in some of the devices help you clean the quality of air inside your home. The proper care of these filters can firmly affect the quality of air you breathe in. Hose attachments in the machine sometimes get large objects like small toys, socks, piece of cloths trapped in them. The cleansing of the hose can be done either with the help of a hook or peering into the hose.

Professional help

If you notice any unrecognizable problem occurring with your cleaner, you should always take it to the vacuum shops. Or you can also file a complaint with the service centers. These are generally inexpensive and provide the most effective solutions for the problem occurred. The desired repairs and replacements can be done by them in the least possible time. With so many new and advanced models available in the market you can always buy a new one.

Final words for the owners

Because of various working parts, vacuum cleaners sometimes need some extra care and caution to be paid, both while using it and cleaning it. Keeping the cleaner in its efficient working state is an easy task to perform if the above-mentioned steps are followed properly. Just a few minutes of your life on the maintenance work can increase the lifespan of the device by years.


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