Simple Steps That Will Make Your Home Exterior More Attractive

Simple Steps That Will Make Your Home Exterior More Attractive

There are many ways to make your house look more attractive from the street. Whether you plan on selling soon or you simply want to come home to your perfect castle every night, curb appeal is an art worth paying attention to. Going from the house to the street, there are many aspects to consider. First, your front door.

A fresh coat of paint might give a brand-new look to your entire house. If your door is dated or no longer insulated properly, it might be worth it to replace it. While you are at it, paint the garage doors and trim. This will freshen up the façade in no time.

Next are the windows. Aside from cleaning them properly, getting rid of dust, insect residue and streaks will enhance the look of your windows. You might want to add shutters or window boxes for flowers and herbs. These are small projects that are cost effective and can be quickly done in a weekend. After the windows, look at your vinyl wall cladding.

Does it need to be refreshed? Pressured washed? Replaced? The only positive about vinyl is the cost. Other than that, it is flammable, it expands and contracts with temperature changes, it cracks or breaks with minimal pressure, and it even discolours after a few years in the sun. Although this is a more expansive renovation, your exterior walls are very visible from the street and influence what people think of your house when they see them.

Then comes the roof. It is essential that the front portion of your roof look pristine. No leaks, no lifting shingles. Those two do not inspire confidence to homebuyers. When replacing or fixing your roof, consider the overall look of your property so that materials match and that colours fit well together.

Moving away from the building, look at the entry way, the steps, the sidewalk leading to your front door. Are those elements in good condition? Should you light the pathway with solar lights or permanent fixtures? Consider adding flowers either in flower beds along the walkway or in jardinières hung on the porch. You want to create some harmonious flow between the driveway and your front door.

Consider the symmetry of elements, the choice of colours and the plants selected to create the best look with the least maintenance needed. This process is almost an art, so do not hesitate to consult the experts in the field.

From there, move on to your driveway. Pull out weeds and seal the cracks. The attention you place on the outside of your house is a great indication of the care you take of the rest of your property. A neat driveway inspires trust. You might consider having a professional company apply a uniform sealant to the asphalt. This will take years off it.

Your driveway is made of interlocking pavers, make sure they are even and secured. Lose tiles do not inspire confidence. For the final touch, give your mailbox a facelift. A new coat of paint, a little cleaning and voila! Your house is the talk of the neighborhood.


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