8 Factors To Consider When Buying An Angle Grinder

8 Factors To Consider When Buying An Angle Grinder

When looking to stock your home with the necessary power tools, one equipment that will definitely be on the list is the angle grinder. They are very useful in cutting or polishing materials. And when buying an angle grinder, you have to look at many factors. Also check out the hitachi g12sr4. If you want an awesome grinder review, this website will provide you all the information you need in making the proper purchasing decisions.

Size Of The Disc

The first thing to look for is the size of the disc, also known as the head or the wheel. Generally, the larger it is, the more powerful is its motor. But you don’t have to buy an angle grinder with the biggest disc.  Instead, what you need is a machine with a disc size that is optimum for your job. For example, in situations where you need extreme precision while grinding, you will need something like a pneumatic grinder which has a small disc. A larger disc angle grinder will not be ideal for such jobs. Angle grinder discs come in various sizes, with the most popular ones ranging from just 4.5 inches to the bigger 9 inches.


Angle grinders can be powered by three ways – electricity, petrol, or compressed air. Each has their own plusses and minuses. For example, while an electric angle grinder can stop working when the charge runs off, a petrol based one can be used without facing such issues since you will only have to refill the machine. So, make sure that you check into all the pros and cons of the three types, and choose one that suits your needs.


You also have to check the speed of the disc before making the purchase. The higher the number, the more effective it will be. The discs can usually rotate anywhere between 5000 and 10,000 revolutions each minute. And this is why the angle grinders make for a good tool in situations which require cutting and grinding. So, make sure that you select a machine with the highest disc revolutions. In addition, you should look into the device’s no-load speed as well. Typical speed ranges from a low 700 to a higher 1200 revolutions per minute. But there are grinders with a no-load speed of up to 12,000 revolutions per minute.


Judging the wattage of an angle grinder is pretty easy – higher the wattage, the more power the grinder will have, and the easier it will cut and grind the objects it comes into contact with. Bigger discs will require more wattage when compared to their smaller counterparts.  Also, ensure that the machine has a higher amp so that you can do some heavy duty work with it.


Most angle grinders offer the ability to change the discs and other accessories as needed. This allows you to use a single grinder for a more variety of purposes. As such, make sure that the angle grinder you purchase does support using attachments. And if they don’t, then you should ideally look for other options.

Soft Start

The soft start feature allows you to easily handle the machine while starting it up by avoiding the angle grinder from twisting or wrenching. However, you should keep in mind that the motor has to be at full speed before you use the machine on anything. Just because it is easy to handle does not mean the machine should be used immediately on startup. Most large angle grinders usually have a soft start option. So, you need to check for this feature only when buying small angle grinders.


As far as possible, only get yourself an angle grinder with an adjustable side handle. This will make it easier for you to use both hands when operating the machine. And even if you only use a single hand while running any kind of tool, it is still recommended that you go for a model with an adjustable handle since you may require it in the future. In addition, also check whether the handles have an anti-vibration feature. This will allow you to use them during long periods of time, without making yourself feel stressed or tired. Plus, the anti-vibration handle also enables you to control the machine much better.

Adjustable Guard

When looking for an angle grinder, make sure that the machine does have an adjustable guard. This will protect you from the sparks and debris that results from cutting any material. At the same time, these guards can also be moved as per your need, making it suitable for the job at hand.

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