Understanding The Health Risks of Anabolic Steroids for Muscle Building!

Understanding The Health Risks of Anabolic Steroids for Muscle Building!

When it comes to the use of anabolic steroids, they are illegal to use and buy today. They were used in the past for muscle building by bodybuilders and athletes.However, the excessive use led to severe health complications even death in some cases. They were synthetic substances that were like the male hormone testosterone. They were prescribed for patients that suffered from delayed puberty or produced low levels of testosterone. Boys that have experienced genetic growth disorders were treated with anabolic steroids as it increased body mass and promoted improved bone strength.

Why are they illegal today?

Anabolic steroids, when bought without a doctor’s prescription, are illegal today. They are said to cause severe health complications in both men and women. They can cause stroke and high blood pressure. They are known to reduce good cholesterol and increase levels of bad cholesterol. Long-term use of anabolic steroids leads to liver disease and cancer. Most men face hair loss and skin infections intensify like acne and pimples. High dosage of anabolic steroids can lead to mental issues like mania, delusions or false beliefs, addiction and other complications.

The advent of prohormones

When it comes to bodybuilding supplements, prohormones are now being widely used by sportspersons and bodybuilders when it comes to the increase of muscles and body size. They are used instead of anabolic steroids as they carry few risks. They are safe and legal to use and buy in the USA. However, when it comes to their usage and dose, it is essential for you to take them as per the directions of a fitness expert qualified and trained in the areas of muscle building and weight loss.

When you are buying prohormones online, it is essential for you to buy them from credible websites. Even if you are buying them at discounted prices, it is imperative for you to read the prohormones for sale reviews before you make the final purchase. Check their online customer testimonials and see if they have any negative feedback. Prohormones do not reduce the levels of testosterone in the body. They trigger the production of active hormones that accelerate the bodybuilding and healing process of the body when it comes to building muscle and losing fat.

As mentioned above, it is always prudent to buy and use prohormones as suggested by your fitness expert. It should be noted that prohormones must be taken with PCT or post cycle therapy for you to be safe and free from side effects. There is a misconception that prohormones do not have any side effects. That is not true. They are like anabolic steroids, and if you do not take them with caution and discretion, you will be prone to side effects. It is vital for you to combine exercise and workout when you are looking for bodybuilding and weight loss results. It is crucial for you to take the right diet and not solely depend upon prohormones for a defined and toned body experts caution!


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