Shopping Tips: How to Choose the Right Pair of Socks for Sweaty Feet and Still Look Fashionable

Shopping Tips: How to Choose the Right Pair of Socks for Sweaty Feet and Still Look Fashionable

In the fashion world, a great majority of people talk about clothes, makeup, hair and shoes, with less people actually talking of socks and underwear. Trust and believe, your socks can say a whole lot about you. And for this reason, there are reasons enough for you to bring your fashion sense when shopping for socks.

Unlike women whose attention is on their clothes, hair and makeup, men’s attention goes straight to the shoes, logo socks, socks and belt. But the overwhelming fact is that there are different types of socks for men out there. Choosing your socks to match your entire outfit can be quite a daunting task.

Fortunately, this post is meant to give you some ideas on which pair of socks you should wear depending on the current fashion trends. So, keep reading…

  • If you are a lover of fashion, then I am pretty sure that you know that fashionable socks are a useful fashion accessory for men, especially if they have a unique design and exciting color pop.

Although the custom sock might not always show, a slight hint of color and pattern will definitely catch the eyewhen visible. And because most men are known to wear plain socks, you will definitely stand out as someone who understands and appreciates fashion.

In addition to this, fashionable socks are perfect for both formal and casual wear. You can definitely liven up your office wear with a pair of fashionable socks.

So, if you are into fashion, then patterns, designs and color should be your guide to fashionable socks shopping.

However, even with 10 pairs of best socks in your closet, your choice of socks can end up bringing you more embarrassment than approval. As we all know, socks are essential knitted wear for the human feet and can be problematic for people who have sweaty feet. If you have sweaty feet, you have to be extra careful with the choice of socks you make. Good news is, you don’t have to embarrass yourself with smelly socks or feet; all you need to do is choose the right socks for your condition.

Moisture wicking socks are the best pairs of socks for people who have a sweating problem. They are also the perfect choice for people who indulge in sports a lot. For that reason, if you are looking for the moisture wicking socks to avoid embarrassing situations, read on. Here is alist of things to consider for you to completely relieve your condition.

  • Make woolen socks a priority –There is no better solution to smelly socks and foot odor than woolen socks. As we all know, wool is 100% natural, right? Woolen socks have the ability to control temperature better than cotton or synthetic materials. Choosing woolen socks is the best solution for anyone looking to keep their feet cool and dry. These socks also kill bacteria that make your feet smell.

Therefore, if you have not had the privilege of experiencing the magic of wearing woolen socks, now is the time to change that. But before that, here are a few advantages of woolen socks that are worth looking at:

  1. Wool is a great insulator – If you are worried about your feet getting heated when it is warm outside, then woolen socks are a good choice. They will give you a cooling effect and also keep your feet dry.
  2. Wool absorbs high amounts of moisture – Worried about sweating a lot? Wool is a fabric that can absorb a lot more moisture compared to cotton. In fact, woolen socks can actually hold up to two times what cotton can hold.
  3. Wool maintains its insulation properties even when you start to feel like you are wet. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for your sweaty feet or sporty lifestyle.
  4. Wool is a fabric that dries faster – Compared to cotton and other synthetics, wool dries much more quickly.
  5. Wool has anti-bacterial properties – As we know, bacteria is what causes our feet to smell, right? Well, even through the sweating, woolen socks have anti-bacterial properties that will eliminate bacteria hence preventing foot odor.
  6. Cotton socks are also an option– People have the mentality that cotton socks will absorb all the sweat but leave your feet moist and dump. But did you know that socks made from cotton gave been among the most sought after socks since time immemorial? Whether it is because of their inexpensive pricing or comfortable nature, cottonsocks have been a majority’s favorite for years.

Although there is a right and wrong in choosing 100% cotton socks, experts advise that you go for socks that are made of 98% of cotton and 2% of spandex. This is what helps the socks wick away the sweat (moisture) leaving your feet dry all day long. In fact, at least 80% of individuals who have tried cotton socks for their condition agree that their condition is no longer noticeable.

However, if you are wearing cotton socks, it is recommended that you also wear breathable and non-restive shoes. This will ultimately minimize the chances of breeding bacteria which is known to cause foot odor or foot stench.

Apart from the above choices of socks, there are some other factors you should think about besides the fabrics they are made of. Although cottonsocks are perfectly soft and soothing to the skin, it may not be the ideal choice of socks, especially in winter. However, cotton socks are perfect for summer.

On the other hand, wool socks might not be comfortable for summer because they are often too warm. So if your feet normally run hot, you can opt to wear cotton socks during summer and wool socks during winter.

Lastly, as much as your choice of socks plays an important role in your life, it isimportant that you ensure your feet are cleanand dry before wearing socks and shoes.


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