Guide to find the best Glass Fence for your Swimming Pool

Guide to find the best Glass Fence for your Swimming Pool


Once you have taken the decision to put up fences around your swimming pool, the next question that forms in your mind is whether to go for glass or some other material. Glass is truly one of the best options in comparison to the others.

As you take the decision to go for glass fences, you will find yourself face to face with another dilemma, whether to go for framed fences, semi-framed or frameless glass pool fence. If you look around Brisbane, you will find various stores that offer all three types of glass fences for your pool.


Now that you have settled on putting up a glass fence around your swimming pool, next you will have to decide whether you want framed fence, semi-framed or a frameless fence. Each looks good and restricts unauthorized access to the pool. So, what do you go for?

It is a tough decision, right? Well, we will help you out with the following guide that has differentiated the three types of glass fence:

  1. Framed Glass Fence for The Pool:

o   Home owners go for this option because this is the more traditional form of glass fencing for pools.

o   In this type of fencing you will find panes of glasses that are held in place with the help of stainless steel posts.

o   The steel posts are embedded deep into the ground.

o   The advantage of this kind of glass fence is that they are planted firmly into the ground, making the unit more secure.

o   As the glass is inserted after securing the posts into the ground, the chance that the glass breaks is minimized significantly.

o   The only disadvantage is the fact the steel posts might offer hindrance to an unobstructed view.

  1. Frameless Glass Fence for The Pool:

o   This has taken the market by storm, due to its innovative design.

o   Many home-owners prefer this to the framed fence.

o   It basically contains large glass panes of extra strong quality and is held in place by stainless steel spigots.

o   These spigots are either drilled into the surface around the pool or cemented to the ground.

o   The advantage of this kind of frame is the fact that the seamless design actually offers an unobstructed view.

o   Gaps in between the panes are not wide enough for a child to squeeze through, but it might seem inviting to them.

o   The only problem that might arise is the fact that if the spigots come loose, on a rare occasion, then the glass panels will not stay in place and fall down.

  1. Semi-Framed Glass Fence for Pool:

o   It is a glass fence option that has the rock-solid security of framed glass fences and the aesthetic value of frameless glass fences.

o   The glass panes are fitted using steel posts, but only on the sides, improving the view of your pool.

o   The gaps in between the panes are also eliminated for this kind of fencing, reducing the chance that a child tries to squeeze through to the pool side.


This question has always been difficult to answer. The issue is that all three are priced in a similar range, thus neither is the most cost-effective. All are equally capable of protecting your child and pet from accessing the pool unsupervised.

The final choice comes down to the homeowner. It is their preference that helps reach on a final option. So, you have to think what is more preferable for you an unobstructed view or a firmer glass fence, which obstructs the view a little bit.

Do take into consideration, your home décor. This must also play a role in choosing the type of glass fence for your pool as your decision might elevate your home’s décor or ruin it completely.

Once you have reached the final decision, do find a good supplier who also offers installation service and enjoy a relaxing afternoon by the poolside or in the pool.


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