5 Ways to Catch Out a Catfish

5 Ways to Catch Out a Catfish

Getting hurt by another person is always painful, especially when you are in a close relationship. But it is one thing to break up with your significant other, and a completely different situation when you discover they are not who they claimed to be.

Getting catfished is something we read about online, or watch TV shows about. However, it is a very real phenomenon that happens to people all the time. If you want to date online, but you want to avoid being catfished, here are five ways that you can catch out someone’s lies.

  1. Too Good to Be True

If things are too good then you have a right to be suspicious. You may think that your significant other has far too many perfect pictures, and you could be right. It is always a good idea to do a reverse image search to see if those pictures are originating from any modeling sites or public Instagram profiles.

The same is true regarding the person’s life. If they claim to have a lot of money or a prestigious job, you may wonder why they are sitting on a computer talking to you. Always ask questions and try to find confirmation of the answers you get.

  1. Asking for Money

If you are confused about what it means to get catfished, you should read up on it at sites like https://www.thingsmenbuy.com/what-does-catfished-mean/. Being duped into believing false information about another person is always tough to handle. But it is even worse if you put money into that relationship.

That is why we believe that you should never, under any circumstances, send money to someone you have just met online. Unless you have interacted with that person face-to-face, or you have talked with them using video chat, you should never consider sending them a dime.

  1. Lack of Social Media Profiles

When you talk with someone online, it is hard to find information about them. But if you are aware of their name you could do a few social media searches. If you are not finding any profiles that match the information you were given, you should be very suspicious. We can understand someone not having much of a social media presence. But if they are online dating, yet they do not even have a Facebook account, you should be very wary about anything they are saying.

  1. Excuses

Meeting someone you talk to online is always hard. But if you are getting excuses when you want to talk on the phone or video chat, you should be suspicious. Is there a reason this person does not want you to hear their voice or see their face? If they are always too busy for such interactions, you should move on.

  1. Too Soon for Intimacy

Relationships can move fast. But if you have only chatted with someone for a few weeks, and they start telling you that they love you – be skeptical. Something is going on because real intimacy is not built so quickly. They are trying to manipulate you, and that is something you must avoid.


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