How to Look and Dress like a Million Bucks for Less

How to Look and Dress like a Million Bucks for Less
Do you have that friend or family member who has an impeccable sense of style: always wearing shirts and pants that look like they came straight from the dry clear and has a head of hear that looks like it simply just falls that way each day? Although it may seem like you would have to visit high-end boutiques downtown and empty your wallet, you know that the reality is that you have a budget that you have to stick to.

Knowing that there is an intricate balance between actual style goals and the budget you have to work with, I put together a quick tip sheet on how to look like a million bucks without actually spending near that amount to get there! Here goes:

1. Know where you should spend and where you can spend less

There are items in your wardrobe that just do not have to be brand name: those are more generic items that either your friends won’t notice  or items you know you won’t wear out. For instance, you don’t need a designer pair of white socks or a designer t-shirt that is probably made from the same materials as those as Walmart. Simply put, don’t spend it on items that can be easily replicated by any manufacturer: they don’t need to be name brand! Take a cue from fashion stars such as Izabel Goulart and Alexa Chung by mixing high and low labels.

2. Decide what you want to achieve

Sometimes more is less and sometimes more is more: in either case, the best bet is to define which type of look you are going after and then just be you in order to achieve that look. It might something as simple as light make-up for a natural look or a dark eye shadow for a more pronounced and bold effect. Or, it may be some type of women’s accessories that you need to purchase to complete a refined yet simple look: either way, know what you are going for!

3. Take care of your clothes

Whether you are dealing with cotton t shirts, denim jeans, or even cashmere clothing, you need to focus less on having what you want, and more on taking care of what you actually have. Regardless, the proper storage, the proper washing techniques, the proper protection from spills, and the proper application of clothing usage is important when you want to acquire premium quality clothes and then make them last for many uses over many years. Take care of your clothes and they will take care of your wallet as well!

4. Understanding what does and what does not work for you

Although your wardrobe requires some basic looks, basic accessories, and basic items of clothing, when it comes to the details you have to know what works for you. If you are trying to accent your style with a neckline type or a pant fit that you hate, then regardless of the style, you will feel uncomfortable wearing it and your confidence will be lowered. The lowered confidence will actually show in the fitting of the clothes and you will not look or feel your best. Knowing what works for you will suit you best in any type of situation as you consider the balance between current trends and your personal fashion style.

Now that you have an outline for learning to look like a million bucks without going out there and actually spending it, I’d like to hear from YOU in regard to your style and your tips and tricks for looking like big bucks without spending big bucks!

Which types of ideas and examples do you have that can help our reader-base best display their own personal senses of style and really shine in the clothing and the skin that they are in? Leave your comment below and let’s get the discussion rolling! Thanks! 🙂



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