How to Decrease Clutter and Expand Storage Space Without Spending Too Much on Remodeling?

How to Decrease Clutter and Expand Storage Space Without Spending Too Much on Remodeling?

When running out of space, remodeling your home may be a great idea. Reclaiming the basement and attic space will indeed give you a lot of additional space. We see this for rapidly expanding families in urban and suburban neighborhoods alike. People expand their homes by building inside the basement or attic rather than moving to a new house. It is a money saver as well as a pro-real estate move.

In some instances, people who have been living in a house for years may find it difficult to accommodate new furniture and appliance. Stuff just keeps building up inside, and residents are too reluctant to declare perfectly good things as junk. Yard sales and garage sales hardly do any good either.

Each house can be a treasure trove of storage spaces that you are yet to explore. The chances are that you are missing out at least two potential storage spaces in your room right now. 24-7 Premier can remodel any part of your home to meet all your storage needs within permissible budget. Here is a comprehensive list on how to utilize the “hidden” spaces inside your home to increase space and reduce clutter –

Behind cabinet doors

It is an old school technique that takes us back to the rustic days. The back of your kitchen cupboard door or cabinet door is perfect for ladles, pot-lids, spoons, cups and measuring cups. If you can convert the back of the cabinet door to a chalkboard guide, you can even scribble down kitchen hacks and the secret ingredients of your favorite sauce inconspicuously.

Under the stairs

It might have been gloomy for Harry, but we do not think your old books, your children’s toys or your unused files will complain much. In fact, converting this space into organized storage can save you a lot of hassle. You can even turn it into a complete workstation by installing shelves and organizers on the sly.

Under cabinets

Be it in the kitchen or the bathroom; we have cabinets that do not touch the floor. The space between the cabinets and the floor is a potential storage space. You can turn it into a secure and flush storage by installing flat drawers. You can store your tablecloths, wiping cloths, placemats, yoga mats and anything else that always seems to get in your way.

Under the bed

It is the most popular storage space. We usually discover this space on our own as kids when we have to stow away toys, storybooks, and our own collectibles. As adults, we need to upgrade this storage so that the stuff inside is organized. You will need plastic containers if you want a minimal cost, maximum effect storage. Alternatively, you can just go for fashionable cane baskets to stow away your extra pillows, bed sheets and curtains that do not have regular use.

Above the doors

There is a lot of dead space between the door frame and the ceiling. You can always add a couple of stylish shelves on the inside for some extra storage. It is a miracle space saver for small bathrooms, which do not have enough cabinet space. An above-door shelf can store all your extra towels, big bottles of shampoo, soap, and conditioner for a rainy day.

Ceiling shelves

It is a great idea for homes with kids. If you want to store smaller tools away from your child, just install sturdy racks on the ceiling of your garage or basement. You can use them for storage of large bins, big pet carriers and other stuff that you do not use much on a daily basis. Just make sure that the racks are sturdy and you have access to them.

Behind the door

It works for bedroom doors, bathroom doors, and kitchen doors. Creating storage space behind front doors just makes it look too clumsy at times, especially since people tend to judge you by the look of your living room. Your bedroom door can turn into a miracle space saver if you can install a few fancy hooks to hand your bags, belts, scarves, and jackets. In fact, this is a viable idea for your closet door as well.

Loft beds

It works marvelously for kid’s bedrooms as it does for adults. Loft beds are back in fashion, and you can store your books, files, accessories and a lot more under the table. With the right guidance, you can even fit an entire study setup under the bed. Not only does it take care of clutter, but it also gives your bedroom a beautiful remodeling treat.

Sometimes, small remodeling ventures to clean up clutter can help you a long way. Increasing storage options in neutral spaces of the house is a brilliant remodeling option, which everyone should try at least once to explore the real potential of his or her home.


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