Choose The Most Cost-Effective Option for The Replacement of Lost Car Key

Most Cost-Effective Option for The Replacement of Lost Car Key

Everything comes at a cost, and that is a lesson that you will learn if you lose or misplace your car keys! Car keys have come a long way from the good old days when you could get them replaced for just about $10 with any local locksmith helping you out with a replicated key. As technology has improved the quality of cars, it has made the life of car owners hard when they face a situation when they are unable to find the car keys and need an immediate replacement.

Most modern cars use transponder technology in making keys that can perform some additional functions besides starting the vehicle and locking it. The keys provide extra security to the cars, and they also make it possible to unlock the doors from a distance. The sophisticated technology used in making car keys today has made replacements very costly, and you could end up spending some hundred dollars for car key replacement. In this article, we will discuss some of the aspects of replacing car keys and explore the cheaper options available.

It takes time for replacement

Losing a car key drives you to such level of desperation that you do not mind paying extra bucks for getting a replacement. However, the ordeal does not stop at it because despite agreeing to pay the high cost of replacement, you have to wait a long while to get the new keys. That means that you will be without the car for at least a day or more until you obtain the new one. That is the minimum waiting time that you can expect from the moment you order the key till the time the key is cut, coded, and handed over to you. The cost and the time required for replacement can compound further if you lose all keys of the car and the computer of your vehicle needs resetting to match with the new keys. The latter may cause the cost to go up even more.

The alternative

After reading about the high cost of replacement, it is likely that you are getting anxious thinking about the possible scenario that you will have to face. There is no need to worry because the above narrative holds true only if you are seeking replacement of the lost keys from the dealership. Instead of going to a car dealership, you could get the same key done by auto locksmiths who offer legitimate service in key cutting and coding.

The locksmiths are wholly equipped to recreate car keys of all models of automobiles and rescue you from the stressful situation by doing the job at a much lesser cost. The locksmiths respond promptly to your call, and if required, they can come to you instead of you going to them. They are skilled in working with a variety of issues related to car keys and locks. You can get all this done at 60% less price than what you pay at the dealership. You can choose between genuine keys and off-market keys that work equally well and reduce the cost further.

Better safe than sorry

Since it is common to lose car keys, it is always better to be prepared for such an event. You may consider acquiring an extra set of keys from the dealership when you buy the car. Most car dealers provide two full sets of keys. However, if you have not received yours, make sure you check with the dealer about it before driving off with the new car. This is more important because although the dealership is likely to handover the duplicate set of keys to you, it is not legally binding on them.

What about keyless key?

It is the latest development in the automobile industry. Some modern cars use the keyless keys that do away with the traditional key altogether. The keyless key is a device that communicates with the car’s computer system, which enables it to recognize the owner, open the car doors, and start the ignition. These keys are more expensive than the regular ones. Although it does away with the fear of losing keys, you might sometime encounter the problem that the car does not recognize the device and leaves you stranded.

Cost is rising

The cost of key replacement is increasing continuously because the new generation car keys often use PIN codes for recognition by the computer system of the car. That means that specialized equipment and diagnostics tools have to be used for repairing and these can be quite costly. For a cheaper option, look for auto locksmiths who have access to the register of PIN codes that gives them the advantage of accessing the car’s computer system and re-set car keys.

Stay prepared for the situation by doing some homework so that you have quick access to auto locksmiths.


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