No A.C.? Here’s How to Survive the Summer

No A.C.? Here’s How to Survive the Summer

Nowadays, no one would build a house or apartment complex with no air conditioning. But that wasn’t always the case. As anyone who has ever lived in a pre-war building or an old house in a temperate part of the country knows, people used to get by without cool air on demand.

They were probably miserable all the time.

Having no A.C. can be the price you pay for historic charm. But that doesn’t mean you have to be miserable in your apartment throughout the summer months. There are things you can do: Create drafts, block out heat from direct sunlight, make choices about how and where you sleep to maximize your comfort and rest.

Oh, and fans. Lots of them.

It might be getting cooler now, but the apartment experts at ABODO have put together a handy list of tips — complete with gratuitous Nelly reference — for next spring and summer. Keep it handy for when the days get longer and the temperature starts to go up again. Read it here.


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