Commercial and Residential Cleaning – How To Kick off Your Own Business

Commercial and Residential Cleaning - How To Kick off Your Own Business

Starting a residential and commercial cleaning business requires careful planning. The market and prospects are huge as you can provide services to hundreds of thousands homes and organizations that require cleaning. However, if you do not plan out your way properly, your commercial cleaning business can turn out to be a nightmare for you.

Following factors will need your attention:

Registration and Licensing

The first and foremost thing before starting your own enterprise is to get registered and acquire a license. Of course, you also need a business name for signing up. Needless to say, your business name has to be unique.

Visit the relevant website for finding out which type of business license will be applicable on commercial and residential cleaning services. Another very important aspect here is to get an EIN tax number ― compulsory if you are to appoint employees. Moreover, liability insurance is a tool that can bind your workers from hijacking your clients, and I recommend you to apply for this as well.

Target Audience

Commercial and residential are two major divisions of your target audience. I suggest you to initiate with one section only ― either choose commercial or the residential market. Usually, residential audience is easy to capture, but the profit margin isn’t up to the expectations, whereas, the commercial market requires a lot of hard work, but once the deal is done, you can earn really well here.

I suggest you to take it slow and stabilize yourself in one major area near your business location and then aim for the next category. For instance, you do not need to offer pest control services with residential cleaning, but once you have a good clientele base, you can always render extra services. For more info on pest control, click here.


The competition is intense in both the commercial and residential cleaning sectors, so you got to be careful. The best way is to perform an extensive research and study similar businesses. This will give you a clear idea about the rates, work demand, and most availed services.

On the basis of your investigation, pinpoint the Unique Selling Point (UPS) of your business. Remember, you have to stand out in your offers! Facilities like Janitorial Cleaning Service are part of everyone’s menu. Although, you can’t deny their importance, but filling in your tariff with such common services won’t help you much. Your focal point should be to stand out from the crowd ― if you’re successful in this, nobody can stop you from being the next big thing in the cleaning industry.

One-Man Show

Initially, start off as a one-man show and manage the entire business single-handedly, but once the residential and commercial cleaning business gets going, employ more people for other tasks. It will lessen your burden, allowing you to come up with more creative and updated ideas to expand your business. In order to handle all the clients and schedules, use cleaning service scheduling software. This will save you so much time. It will handle new cleaning service booking requests, manage recurring appointments, and cancellations in a single click by allowing clients to book on your online schedule 24/7. Never compromise on hiring more people just to save a few bucks because it is a long-term investment, which shall pay back tremendously well in future. If you need tips and tricks to conquer the market and get leads from online search, then use these home improvement marketing ideas.

These were a few tips for beginning a commercial and residential cleaning business from my side. Hope you find them useful!


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