How to Dedicate Your Life to Health Without It Being a Chore

How to Dedicate Your Life to Health Without It Being a Chore

If you want to live longer and be active as you get older, you need to eat right and exercise. At least that’s what all the magazines and TV specials tell viewers. Taking a multivitamin is one method you can use to stay healthy, but doctors advise us to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Then people are told that organic is best, and to stay away from produce that has been treated with pesticides. So, what’s a person who’s trying to eat better to do when it seems like every solution just begs a dozen more problems? These are the ways that you can improve your lifestyle without visiting a million grocery stores, banning your favorite foods from your diet, or becoming a slave to the gym.

Do More at Home

Want something good to eat? Look in your refrigerator. Need to start working on your abs so that they look great when summer comes around? Dedicate yourself to doing crunches before you get out of bed. Most people think that the solution to their healthy lifestyle woes can be found in a bottle, an exercise DVD set, or via a health guru. What you need to succeed is already at the tips of your fingers, but you actually have to follow through with what you set out to do. If your goal is to start walking a mile a day then get a pedometer and track your steps. If you want to eliminate junk food from your diet, then it’s time to go through your cupboards and refrigerator and throw out everything that’s unhealthy.

Make Your Own Juices

Soda is fizzy, sugary, and delicious, and people drink way too much of it for a couple of reasons. One, it’s present at every restaurant, in every grocery store, and it can be found in most homes by the case. Second, once you start drinking soda you develop a taste for it that isn’t easily satisfied by drinking water or other low sugar drinks. On the other hand, commercially sold juices are almost as bad as sodas are. If you make your own juices, you’ll get the full dose of every single vitamin your body craves and you can slowly wean off of high sugar sodas and juices. Blend up a tall green smoothie that contains deliciously sweet blueberries, bananas, and pineapple every morning and you won’t blink an eyelash when you see soda on the menu.

Learn How Plants Grow

You’ll be more inclined to include healthy foods in your diet if you have them all around. Imagine being able to pick your salad ingredients so that you get a balanced lunch that’s organic and guaranteed fresh. Find a greenhouse for sale and get to growing plants that aren’t hard for beginners to learn about the fine art of horticulture. Learn about different varieties of plants and then taste every vegetable and fruit that makes it to maturation. Enjoy winter squash soups, pumpkin pies, cucumber salads, and even make your own pickles without any unhealthy ingredients.

Do Your Exercising In the Morning

How many times have you sworn that you’d start incorporating exercise into your new, healthier lifestyle only to collapse when you came home from the office or refused to move from the couch on your weekends. It is easy to put off exercise when you feel like you have all day to do it. Stop this unhealthy trend by going and exercising before your day gets off to a start. After you drag yourself out of bed an hour early, you’ll have no choice but to get through your workout routine as quickly and effectively as possible. You’ll get your tough workouts done before you can really complain about being sore and you’ll still have the rest of the day to do everything else.

Think Before You Eat

If you know that you’re supposed to be avoiding chocolate, you feel at least a tinge of guilt before sinking your teeth into a candy bar. That’s your brain trying to tell you to stop and abort your mission. Even if the wrapper’s already off, there’s still time to do an about face. Just think before you eat and you’ll start listening to your gut and making better lifestyle decisions.

Do a little at a time when it comes to rehabbing your lifestyle habits and doing what doesn’t always feel good at first. When reducing your daily sugar intake, you’ll have cravings and even be a bit cranky, but your body will get used to the changes and you’ll overall feel better because you’re putting less junk in your stomach. This also happens when you exercise regularly. You’ll have more stamina and stop feeling sore after light workouts when you get your endurance up.


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