All You Need To Know About Dhow Cruise Dubai

All Your Need To Know About Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dubai is one of the most visited travel destinations in the world with lots of wonderful things to do and see for its travelers. If you have never been to Dubai and planning your next vacation to Dubai, chances are you already have heard about Dhow Cruise Dubai. Following are some useful information you need to know about dhow cruise Dubai before you plan your first Dubai trip:

What Is Dhow Cruise Dubai?

Dhow cruise Dubai is a luxury cruising experience down the famous Dubai creek. It allows you to have the best views of the Dubai creek in the evening and enjoy luxury dining experience with your loved ones. Passengers get access to open deck on a luxury dhow cruise ship to behold the splendid views of the city. Apart from these, passengers are entertained with mild music and various heartwarming sense of Bedouin traditions.

All Your Need To Know About Dhow Cruise Dubai table of food

How Much Does A Dhow Cruise Cost?

It varies from cruise provider to provider.  It can be as less as $40 per person to $300 per person. Actually, it actually depend on the amenities you would love to include in your dhow cruise experience.

How Long Does A Dhow Cruise Last?

A regular Dhow cruise Dubai duration is around 2 hours starting just after the sun sets or around an hour later.

All Your Need To Know About Dhow Cruise Dubai food

What Include In A Typical Dhow Cruise?

It’s an opportunity for the travelers to enjoy the authentic Middle Eastern culture and food. A wide variety of foods are served to the guests. If you are with your beloved wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, you can expect to enjoy a romantic cruising experience. If you are on a business trip to Dubai, you can arrange your business parties on a dhow cruise Dubai. A dhow cruise dinner can be the most amazing experience in your life.

The decoration of a dhow cruise alone can enchant you to go for a luxury cruising experience in Dubai creek. So, if you are yet to include a Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina in your list of things to do in your Dubai trip, make sure you include it now!


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