Landscaping On A Budget

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You don’t have to have the biggest budget in the world to manage to get your land looking lush. Most people looking to landscape their back and front yards do so to add value to their home for sale. Others want to landscape their outdoor space for the pure joy of enjoying the land that they have available for their use. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to landscaping, whether you want to hire in a professional to do it for you or whether you want to get it all done your own way. What does matter, is money. Money is going to be the biggest hurdle that you have to face when you choose to landscape your home, but never fear! If a budget is what you have to work with, then getting creative is just the beginning for your home.

Tailoring the way your home looks is a pastime that many love to indulge in and the exterior is no different. If you are lucky enough to have a large space that extends into a communal area, then you may be more interested in setting up a vegetable garden than just looking after the lawn and planting flowers. Either way, working to a budget can mean beautiful and modern things can be done without you breaking the bank getting there! Plenty of landscapers that do the job professionally want to use cheap and low-maintenance materials as they are the best way to be creative with the space in an economical way. You can do the same and with our tips, your outdoor space can be stunning in no time.

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Get Creative

Before you can even start brainstorming ideas for the detail, you have to get your creative hat on and think about what you want from the outdoor space. Consider what you want to use the space for. You may just want to have a large lawn and use it for recreational games, but if you want something a little more complex like a vegetable garden, you have to think a little more complex than that. Using a company like Professional Irrigation Systems to ensure that you have enough water feeding your land is important and if you want your garden to function with vegetation, then you need to think about the climate of the area you are in. There’s no use in a commercial vegetable garden if there won’t be any growth.

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Path and Paving

One of the biggest, cheapest way you can change up your outdoor space is by landscaping with paving. For some, bare earth is rather unsightly, so you can make it look beautiful with patterned paving stones using recycled paving or mosaic. You can plant moss like this for between the seams so that you get that natural look of contrasting colours, and as you’ll need less paving to make it look great it’s cheaper! Creating a pathway through the yard is not a difficult job and by patterning with paving and perennials, you can make the look stand out. There’s no need to lay the stones on top of the grass either, as you can dig shallow holes in the dirt for the stones to sit in so that it blends.

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Borders and Planters

A landscaped garden is more than just grassy lawn areas. You need to have a little luxury within your yard and part of that will come with stylish planters like these. Low maintenance borders of gravel in any colour you like, with planters on top is a cheap way of making your yard look sophisticated. The planters also don’t have to be from the local garden store. You can use barrels, tires and even old wine crates. It draws the eye in the yard to have something a little quirky and you can plant whatever you want into the planters, too. Some people love to opt for small bushes like these, or miniature trees. Just think how it could look at Christmas time! Bordering your lawn or paving is also not difficult, as you can plant border flowers or even keep it as low maintenance wood chippings or gravel instead. Low maintenance works out as cheap as you have less work to do in the long run for it!

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Planting Perennials.

If you’re not familiar with the difference, perennials are the flowers and plants that return year after year, as opposed to annual plants that are planted and only live seasonally. Planting perennials in your garden is going to be cheaper in the long run as you only have to do this the once. There are plenty of perennial options out there and you can read about those options here. When you’re landscaping flowers, stick to one or two designs. Contrasting colours in your garden is going to mean your garden looks stylish, stunning and uniform. Perennials may cost a little more up front, but the consistent growth will mean that you don’t have to keep paying out.

Landscaping On A Budget rustic fountain

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Material Fun

You can have a lot of fun with different materials in your garden. Corrugated steel coverings, wood scraps turned into seating and table areas and old metal pieces fashioned into a water feature can cost next to nothing to collect, and even less to assemble. The best part about that is that you can be creative with what you find and make things that are relevant to your landscaping and design.

Ideally, you can get stuck in and get most of these ideas done yourself. You can also make the choice to hire in professional help to do it all for you if you don’t have the time. Turning your outdoor space into an eco-friendly vegetable garden with the right water installation can make such a difference to your overall budget. It’s important that you are able to enjoy the great outdoors somewhere you’ve created yourself. The sense of achievement and satisfaction it can give you is amazing!


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