How to Design the Ultimate Game Room

How to Design the Ultimate Game Room

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National Video Game Day is September 12th and to celebrate, we’ve compiled our top tips for how to create the ultimate game room. Because you’re never too old for a marathon session, invest in your own personal grown-up game room that allows you to be a kid again! Call your friends, grab some snacks, and queue up your favorite games to celebrate! Here are a few top tips to get you started:

Pump Up Surround Sound

Feel like you are in the middle of the action with surround sound plus immersion. After turning up the sound quality with speakers and amps, add in immersion with a SoundShaker Seat Vibration Kit that installs directly onto your chair or couch and experience games at home like never before. SoundShaker is a tactile sound transducer that allows home theater seats to vibrate in synchronization with on-screen action.

Play to Your Passions

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You’re passionate about your games – show it off! Designing your game room to fit your favorite game, movie, cartoon, or other passion will turn this room into your favorite place to hang. Showcase collectibles and memorabilia in your game room, creating a personalized style. To accommodate your friends and give your space more room for company, add a Seatcraft Genesis Sectional.

Transport Yourself

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Sure, you can personalize your game room with collectibles, but why not go one step further and build your game room to take you right into the fantasy. Perhaps design your game room to feel like you are inside an alien spacecraft or a military combat vehicle. Don’t let form overtake function, though, make sure the audio, visual, and comfort is still present. Use classic styles that won’t take away from your design such as Seatcraft Santiago Seats.

Set the Mood with Lighting

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Lighting can transform your game room from average to amazing. Colored lights, like blue, green, purple, or red lights will enhance the game experience and create a “wow” factor when lit up. These Seatcraft Sienna seats feature blue ambient base lighting and lit cup holders. To make your game room feel even more magical, add fiber-optic SoundRight Framed Star Panels to the ceiling. While incredibly impressive, the all-in-one design makes for easy installation. It comes with a white or color changing wheel installed, so your stars will sparkle and change from one color to another.

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