Modernising Your Bed, Bath And Beyond

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Is it time to step towards the future when designing your home? Definitely, because by taking advantage of modern trends you won’t just be able to make your home look stunning. You’ll also be able to guarantee that it’s a more relaxing, exciting and comfortable place to be. To modernize your home, we’re going to mainly focus on two rooms. These are the bedroom and the bathroom, but we’re also going to reach beyond these spaces and look at some cool possibilities for the rest of your property. However, let’s start with the bedroom and explore some of the most recent trends that you might be interested in.

The Future Of Your Bedroom

It should come as no surprise that the future of your bedroom will include technology and quite a lot of it will be focused on maximizing your level of comfort. If you’re buying a bed this year, you shouldn’t just be thinking about whether the mattress is hard or soft, firm or giving. Instead, you should be exploring the question of what it could do for you. Modern beds are capable of providing back massages, correcting posture and even adapting to ensure you get the best level of sleep possible. This is just one example of how tech could improve your bedroom, but it’s not the only option.

You may also want to look into the possibility of smart controls. With smart controls you can change the temperature and even the level of lighting in your bedroom, ensuring that it is the perfect environment for you.

How about some more basic levels of comfort and style? A popular choice this year is the upholstered bedhead. Perfect for sitting in bed, this feature also makes the room look a little more comfortable as well as being visually exciting. It’s certainly an upgrade from the boring, old wooden headboards.

Presenting The Contemporary Bathroom

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Or, how about changing your bathroom and making it a touch more contemporary. A perfect place to start here would be with the freestanding bathtub. Freestanding tubs have become of the hottest bathroom trend in recent years and an exciting addition to any bathroom. The freestanding tub can be positioned anywhere in the room and as such has completely changed the typical layout of a bathroom. It’s a great way to get the minimalistic feel of your bathroom while still ensuring that the key features stand out and look stunning.

Other features that you might be interested in for your bathroom would be new flooring. It’s time to forget the tiles and instead think about a single floor for your bathroom. You could opt for marble and if you can’t afford that, try an aesthetically similar material that looks like the real deal. You don’t have to spend a fortune for your bathroom to look like a modern masterpiece.

The other trend that is sweeping into bathrooms is an open plan room. Forget separating your bath and shower and instead have a single room with the shower in one corner and a drain on the floor. Open showers, while not completely practical, do look rather stunning and will certainly allow you to create a great impression with your bathroom design.

You can also think about theming your bathroom. You can use tropical colors and wicker furniture to make your bathroom look like a Hawaiian paradise. If you want a few more ideas for bathroom themes be sure to look at interior design blogs for some great possibilities.

Going Beyond

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Although we have thus far focused on the bathroom and bedroom, there are plenty of other ways to modernize different areas of your home. For instance, you might want to make your kitchen more modern. If that’s the case, you should think about installing a breakfast bar or island. These look incredible and are far more contemporary compared with a typical kitchen table. It also gives you the opportunity to purchase new furniture for your kitchen such as high legged stools.

You may also want to consider the possibility of upgrading the tech in your kitchen. A double door refrigerator can be a great feature for your new room and will look magnificent no matter where it’s positioned.

For a broader change, you might want to consider switching the light fixtures around the home. You might have hanging lights or even large chandeliers. Lights have become another feature in the home where less is in fact more. As such, sunken in spotlights are the perfect new design choice and will guarantee each room in your home looks beautiful and modern.

I hope you have fun using some of the concepts when designing your own home.


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