Things that you should consider having in your backyard

Things that you should consider having in your backyard

When it comes to exterior design there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

              We usually have image of a perfect summer poolside or an amazing flower garden. You are probably thinking how to refurbish backyard right now. Unfortunately, on our quest to a perfect getaway we tend to focus on things that should be included. For example, when you imagine a tropical garden palms are the first thing that pops in your head.

              In terms of appearance these elements may work. However, they bring a lot of issues with them.

              Before you do next renovation check out this article. I will mention some common mistakes when it comes to backyard design and especially things you need to take care of.

  1. Palm trees

As I already mentioned, most of people would love to live in a summer paradise. Our first association are the palms.

And naturally, when you decide to create a tropical backyard, palms seem as a logical choice of trees. However, there are numerous things that need to be mentioned.

First and foremost, palms tend to grow in all direction and eventually they may pose a big issues for your home.

Palm may even “go” to your neighbor’s backyard or start hitting house. In such case you’ll need to think about palm tree removal service.

They are also notorious for all the diseases that commonly affect them. Lastly, it is not uncommon for a palm to be damaged by a storm affecting its appearance forever.

This is precisely why there are so many palm removal companies out there. It’s really sad when I see a homeowner who reluctantly removes a palm from his/her backyard due to miscalculation and having wrong information on the tree.

  1. Pool

Here is another favorite.

Spending time of pools is often regarded as the ultimate summer activity. But there are a lot of things you need to know about them.

Homeowners usually consider pools in terms of their initial price – “this is how much it will cost me to have one”. But what construction companies usually do not tell you is that pools are ongoing investment in terms of money. There are things such as pumps and additional equipment that needs to be bought all the time. On top of that, in some cases there will be damage to the pool which is another problem which may occur if you’re careless (especially during the winter).

Most importantly, pools eat away your time with little to no return. You will have to constantly clean it or pay someone to do it instead. Pools easily get filled with microbes and algae and this poses a real health hazard. So you will be forced to constantly reinvest yourself into it only so you can spend several days during summer swimming in it; something you can do in your local public pool.

  1. Too many trees

People love trees. And to be honest they can be great especially if they bear fruit.

But besides previously mentioned issues with diseases and overgrowing, another thing that can happen is for a backyard to have too many trees. This is especially an issues if you haven’t planned their growth in advance and if they turn to be much bigger than expected.

Too many large trees start creating a big shade in the backyard. In some cases this may even affect growth of the other trees but the issue that is most noticeable is the grass.

Grass will start dying out without sunlight. There is also chance for mushrooms to appear especially if there is excess moist. So be careful when planting!

  1. Water tank

Water tanks are an amazing conservationist solution. They allow you to harvest water without having to rely on a local supplier. It is a self-sufficient system that works for everyone.

The problem which I often see is bad drainage.

Although tanks are impenetrable by its nature, small mistakes can easily lead to water spilling out. Given that water will be concentrated in an area (where there is tank and pipes) this can easily have a devastating effect on your garden totally running your grass.

If you decide to add a water tank to your backyard, make sure that professional are installing it.


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