Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous: Home Edition

Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous: Home Edition


Some people are envious of celebrities because of their glamorous, jet-setting lifestyles, or because they have millions of dollars scurried away in the bank. Other people, however, don’t care for these things: what they envy are the celebrity homes, that ones that are designed to perfection and have tons of cool features inside and out. If this is you, then there’s good news: adding the features that make expensive homes sparkle isn’t too difficult. In fact, most people can give their home a touch of luxury providing they have the space to do it. Here’s how.

In the Bathroom

If you watched MTV’s Cribs way back when you’ll have noticed that one of the most glamorous aspects of the home was the bathroom, all decked out with bathtubs, showers, and features that made us green with envy. However, this was years ago, and decor has caught up to the point where we can all have quality features in our bathrooms. Things like rain showers, his and her sinks, and, most of all, standalone bathtubs can transform a bathroom from functional to luxury. Time to start pampering yourself in style!

Home Entertainment

We might not be hosting as many A-list celebrities in our humble abodes as the stars of the big screen, but we can still keep our friends and family thoroughly entertained. Learn how to build a home theater in your own home, and you’ll have the perfect space to watch the latest movies and television shows (and we’re sure you’ll fast become the most popular person in the neighborhood, too). After the screening is finished, make the short walk over to your very own bar, which is located just across the hallway (or, if space is limited, in the same room). With your cinema and bar, there’ll be no reason to head outdoors to get your kicks.

Outdoor Wellness

It’s easier than you think to add the luxury features of the world’s best hotels right to your garden. On summer nights, there’s nothing better than unwinding in a jacuzzi before spending the evening in front of your DIY fire pit, enjoying time with friends as you gaze up at a trillion stars. In the winter, there’s nothing better than having your own sauna room to keep the chill away. None of these features are terribly expensive, especially if you’re able to use your DIY skills to get them.

Getting Ready

If you’re something of a fashionista, then you’ll know there’s nothing better than having a space to house all your clothes and shoes. With your own walk-in wardrobe, you can. You’ll be able to keep all your favorite pieces grouped together, and also have the space to try on outfits before you head out onto the town.

The Man Cave

And finally, let’s not forget about the increasingly popular man cave. Load up your spare room with comfortable seating, game consoles, and a pool table and darts board, and you’ll be invoking the spirit of those lives of leisure celebrities, who are never far from fun.


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