Make Sure Your Tattoo Is the Right Choice for You

Make Sure Your Tattoo Is the Right Choice for You

If you’ve planned to get a tattoo, everyone will tell you to consider it from every single angle and to be absolutely sure that you want one. Some people are enamored with the idea of having a tattoo so much that they don’t consider how this tattoo will fit in their everyday life. Or they don’t take the time to pick the right design for themselves and regret getting one in a very short time. Removing a tattoo can be extremely painful, not to mention expensive.

So, how can you make sure that you’ve found what you are looking for? Well, one thing you can do is wear it for a while to see how it. You can get your design printed as a temporary tattoo and apply it to your body to see how it works out. And if you are not serious about it, you can still have some fun with it, as suggested in this amusing article

Do You Like It?

First of all, you’re doing the tattoo for yourself. Which means that the first person whose opinion you need is yourself. Check out the tattoo from every angle, see how it changes when you stand, sit. Does it really look as good as you’d imagined? You can see how the colors and the shading will actually look on you and change anything you don’t like.

Give yourself a day or two to get used to the idea and the feel of the tattoo. Once you’ve convinced yourself that it is the right thing to do, you’re ready for the next step. Just remember that tattoo’s are for life. Treatments like laser tattoo removal can only do so much to try and hide and obscure your tattoo.

Do People in Your Life Like It?

Show your temporary tattoo to your loved ones and friends to gather their reactions. If you want, you can tell them it’s a permanent one to get the full reaction from them, or just for laughs. People who love you can be uncomfortable telling you if they don’t like it at first, but when they find out that it is only temporary, they might be more honest.

Your friends can suggest changes to the design of the tattoo, or veto it completely. If you value their input, you may end up with a better-looking tattoo in the end. However, you do need to consider how this tattoo may affect your life.

Does It Interfere with Your Work?

The most important way the tattoo can be problematic is if you work at a place which is not tattoo-friendly. If that is the case, make sure that your tattoo is always concealed. Having a trial run with a temporary tattoo is an ideal way to make sure that your work life is not negatively affected by your decision to get a tattoo.

Is It in the Right Place?

The position of the tattoo can sometimes make or break the tattoo. With a temp tattoo, you can see if it looks good in the place where you originally decided to put it.

You can take the guesswork out of it by actually having the tattoo on your body for a short while before your mind is made. It is useful to see whether you can hide it with clothes for those occasions when tattoos are inappropriate or outright banned.

This is a great way to feel the water before you take the pretty irreversible plunge. Make sure that you have covered all your bases before you get a permanent tattoo.


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