How P2P Helps In Your House Renovation

How P2P Helps In Your House Renovation

Looking to renovate your home in parity to your ‘dream-home’ but sourcing your renovation-plan is a matter of concern? When we buy a home, it is surely as per our requirements but with the passage of time as our needs grow, it is not able to suffice them to an extent. So, renovation is the ultimate way out to tackle this but the ‘hundred-million’ question is – How to manage the funds for same?

As you already have certain funds-related-commitments and your stringent budgets may not allow house-in one more commitment. Hence, it is highly advisable to plan it out before-hand. A renovation is something which should not be planned-out overnight instead it is a matter of due-diligence. You need to assiduously plan all the expenses related to it. In case, you missed-out any, you may end up in a chaotic situation.

Say, if you plan to change your interior and accounted for the expenses pertaining to labour cost, material cost and other pretty good expenses. You employ the labour on ‘daily-wage’ basis. You took an estimate for the time taken aback to complete the work and now the process of renovation begun. You are required to pay Rs. 1200 as wage rate and already invested Rs. 20000 on account of material required for the purpose. Now, due to some unforeseen circumstances, the work which is supposed to be over in one month has been stretched to another 15 days more. You already incurred Rs. 56000 (( Rs.20,000 + (Rs.1200*30 days)) and it requires Rs. 18000/- (Rs. 1200*15 days) more.

Now the real problem arises, as your estimated expenses are exceeding your estimated budgets. So, how to bridge the gap between the two? Approaching a bank or a similar institution may be an impressive idea but it is worth noticing that it takes long processes to go with to obtain the desired loan amount. You need to have a good credit score and if you already have some of the ongoing loans, the scenario shall pose more difficulties to you in obtaining a loan. So, even after going through all the hassles of various formalities, chances are still higher for the rejection of your loan application.

Is discontinuing the renovation only way out if the loan application is rejected by the bank? If you are in dire need of funds and the cumbersome process are delaying it, is there is no way out? Well, is a one stop-solution for all your immediate loan requirements.

This P2P lending is a new revolution that brings borrowers and lenders closer eliminating the intermediaries which delay the process and make it smooth and easy. Good News for low-credit-scorers, as this online platform does not solely rely on the good credit score, instead take account more than 50 parameters to judge your credibility as borrower. All you need to do is to log in and create and account with your loan requirements. They will authenticate your credibility on various parameters and in a day or two, your inbox shall be buzzed with investors interested to lend you the desired amount. No delays, no hassles, no beating-around-the-bushes, as simple as that!

So, if you still wondering how does the whole mechanism workout in such a quick way, login to!


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