Getting On The Pathway To Recovery After Giving Birth

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Giving birth is one of the greatest experiences a young mum may have, despite the initial discomfort. When you hold your baby for the first time, your brain is in overdrive and going through multiple emotions all happening at the same time. When you get the all clear, essentially the risk is now transferred to you, and the baby’s life is completely in your hands. However, many new mothers have bouts of anxiety because they want to be able to care for their new bundle of joy, but don’t feel as if they’re physically ready for it. This creates a cycle of self-doubt which can lead to worry and even depression. After labor, your body is great pain, and the quick resolve and recovery your body needs is going to be vital for your long-term health. The baby, newly born into the world, is also in a fragile state, so you and your child, are actually somewhat in the same boat. You need to recover quickly so you can start taking care of your baby without the need for extra help, as soon as possible.

Light exercise

Getting rid of your belly bump and fat around the midsection is a desire many women have post-pregnancy. There’s no need to hit the gym and start to weight train to lose the extra pounds on your arms and legs. If you feel well enough to exercise, take every opportunity, because it will force your body to expand your lungs, improve oxygen absorbance and accelerate circulation. Initially, stick to short but slightly brisk walks to get your feet, ankles, knees and hip joints mobilized. Do light stretching of all your body parts, but, take your time and make sure you’re somewhere safe if you feel dizzy or lose your balance. Both of these exercises should be done once a day, and when you feel better, twice a day regularly.

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Noticing a halt in recovery

Feeling prolonged pain and unable to even stretch in the morning, something may not be right. If you think you numbness in your hips and legs, this is damage left over from the birthing, and it should have healed during the first few weeks at home. If you feel you weren’t treated with the utmost care, it’s your right to seek professional knowledge and pursue a below par health care service. You may be doing every right to recover properly, but physical wounds that should have healed but haven’t, are a clear sign of potentially permanent damage.

Bath back to health

Your skin will still be sensitive, but your immune system is also in overdrive, so try and take a relaxing bath to soothe the pains you feel. You need blood to circulate and gather around birth canal, so by taking a slightly warmer than usual bath; you can aid in the healing process. By bringing fresh blood to the area, white blood cells pool closer to the affected area, fighting off infection and repair internal damage.

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Eat healthy

It’s very easy to sink back into a slump and eat comfort food in the form of fatty and sugary treats. However, emotional voids cannot be filled with food, and most people know this. So don’t fall backwards stopping progress. It’s very tempting to want to indulge, but your body needs good, clean food to recover efficiently. Eat lean meats, such as fresh poultry, low-fat proteins like fish, and lots of green leafy vegetables. Make sure to get three good wholesome meals a day, and don’t skip anything, even if you’ve been sick in the morning from post-pregnancy sickness.


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