7 Summer Essentials to Stay Safe and Modish

7 Summer Essentials to Stay Safe and Modish

Planning a day out on a beach, or an outing with friends? Stop right there! Your summer plans could fail badly if you forget taking the following essentials with you. These are your perfect skin and complexion saviors. The best part is that using these products help you make a fashion statement.

  1. Polaroid Shades

The blazing sun in summer is your excuse to buy classy Polaroid shades. They protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Especially, when you’re driving, a pair of shades can stop the sun from flashing directly on your eyes. Branded or not, sunglasses always make you look stylish. Make sure you have one of these reserved for this summer.

  1. SPF Bathing Suit

You don’t need to slather sunscreen all over your body when you can use SPF beachwear. This swimwear is dermatologist-approved and its fabric is composed of active sunscreen ingredients. The sun protection factor is mentioned on the tags, which can range up to 50+. SPF bathing suit can provide you maximum protection from sun exposure. Not to mention the tasteful designs they come in these days.

  1. Sun Hat

Go out on a limb this season with summer hats! They will not only make you stand out in the crowd, but will also prevent the sun dulling your glow. Its wide surface gives full protection to your face, covering the shoulder area. If you don’t want to look too fancy, substitute the hat with a UV-cutting umbrella. It’s not like your ordinary rain umbrella and blocks 89-99% of all UV rays. That’s the reason it is a little expensive. Go out in a sleeveless top or trendy shorts without the fear of getting sunburnt. With UV-cutting umbrellas, you can wear whatever you desire and feel like royalty.

  1. Fire Resistant Shirts

No more fire disasters and no more burns! Hail the 21st century technology! Grab FR shirts today to stay fire-protected and look presentable in the workforce. You’re in desperate need of fire protective clothing if you often visit factories and construction sites. For workers there, that’s mandatory. These shirts are right on the money when it comes to fashion. No one will be able to spot the slightest difference between these and your typical shirts. These shirts combined with water shoes for the beach this summer is a good call to keep you safe and cool. Staying as fresh as possible is crucial.

  1. Tank Tops

Tank tops look as good on the streets as they are indoors. They are soft, breezy and incredibly comfortable. These tops are a perfect fit for your workout sessions. The pulpy breathable fabric saves your skin from getting rashes due to immense sweat and heat. Denim tank tops look super chic and are a perfect summer wear.

  1. Canvas Slip-Ons

Many of us complain that the color of our feet does not match the rest of the body. This is because we choose to wear open slides during summers. No matter how comfy and airy they may be, slippers give full-time sun exposure to your feet causing them to get darker in color. Introduce your feet to these modern kicks! Canvas slip-ons provide full coverage and feel very comfortable. Just make sure to wear them over a pair of socks, so you won’t get any fungal infection due to sweat accumulation.

  1. Summer Handbag

Lastly, your summer essentials need a place to be carried around in something that is indispensable itself. Place your sunscreen, shades, small hat, deodorant and touch-up kit in a summer handbag. It looks modern, basket-inspired and vibrant in one’s hand, and can fit any accessory.


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