3 Habits To Ditch To Get Fitter!

3 Habits To Ditch To Get Fitter!

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Getting fit is hard for anyone, it requires many hours of training, dietary strictness and you have to find the time to do it all in! We all have bad habits that we always say we’re going to quit but never do, and some of these can be detrimental to our training! Here are the worst 3 habits to have whilst training, and how to combat them.

Eating Junk Food

Easy to access, quick to eat and tastes good, sounds like a good idea for someone who’s not got a lot of time and needs calories and protein quick? It’s not! Junk food contains a lot of fats and other substances like salt and contains little in the way of proteins and fiber, things your body needs in order to repair itself. The high-fat contents also can increase your body fat and cholesterol levels which none of us need. Websites like the Food Standards Agency offer free, online nutrition calculators. Simply enter what food you have eaten, and it will tell you the calories and how many grams of each respective macronutrient you have consumed! This helps you to keep a track of what you’ve put in your body, hopefully showing you the amount of avoidable fat, salt and calories that junk food gives you in order to avoid it in future!

Smoking Cigarettes

Cigarettes have a negative effect on the lungs, even if you’re only weight lifting that doesn’t require as much use of the lungs as running does, it can still have a negative impact on your training. Smoking cigarettes fills your lungs with tar, reducing the forced expiratory volume of your lungs, a fancy way of saying the amount of air your lungs are capable of breathing out, showing how much air your lungs can contain. If your lungs cannot contain much oxygen, it will mean you find yourself breathing a lot more than someone who doesn’t smoke doing the same workout. A good replacement for cigarettes is a vape, a nicotine and tar free version of cigarettes. They give you the same experience of smoking, but without the harmful chemicals that cigarettes contain, so it’s good to use them.

Training Too Often

A lot of us are very obsessed with our fitness, so much so that we’d like to do it every day! If you have the time to do this, don’t! When you do any form. of training, it is important to rest to allow you body to catch up. Your body needs time to repair your muscles after you have used them, if you train during your rest period your body will use the protein present in your system to fuel movement instead of growth and repair, meaning that you don’t actually progress anywhere. It’s important to plan out your workouts in the week because of this, so it’s good to use services like Calendar-Australia to plan out your workout days and your rest days. This way your body can make the most out of the macronutrients it has, maximising the result of your training!

If you’re able to cut out these 3 common habits, your fitness training will see you much more results! By reducing the amount of bad chemicals in your system, you maximise your bodies ability to perform, and by giving yourself the correct rest your body can repair itself effectively. But as well as all of this, you need to know the right food to eat, if you’re not sure what to eat then this article will have you covered!


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