Stretch tent hire – your best option for hosting a party

Stretch tent hire - your best option for hosting a party gloomy weather outside

Having a huge event coming up and trying to decide what type of tent to hire. This confusion is relatable to every individual who has dealt with or is dealing with the stress of planning an event. Many people would straight away choose a marquee. But, those people are unaware of the fact that all the tents are designed with varying specification. Also, when it is a debate between a marquee hire and a stretch-tent hire, and guesses on who wins? Let me tell you stretch tent hire wins, hands down. Why? Here are the reasons:

  • A style statement: Stretch tents are a kind of freeform tents and are amazing for any kind of backdrop. A stretch-tent hire can splendidly transform a boring looking location into a stylish and magical spaces creating a breath-taking backdrop. In short, stretch-tent hire is a way to party in style
  • No restrictions of the location: You can set up a stretch-tent anywhere and at anytime. In case of a marquee, you need to look for a location where you can install several pgs. and set up poles to hoist up the marquee. But in case of a stretch-tent, this is not required. A stretch-tent hire is always preferred as it is quick to assemble in any kind of a terrain and any kind of weather, be it rain, snow, thunder, or hail and be it a sloppy mountain top, a field, the back of house, a garden, or the middle of a forest. The stretch-tent is engineered with such design that it can easily be used for all sizes of events like weddings, corporate parties, fairs, product launches, festivals, private parties, and a lot more.
  • A variety of shapes available: The best feature of a stretch-tent hire is the range of sizes it is available in. Also, you can join several stretch-tents to create even a bigger structure. Opening a stretch-tent full, would let in the sunshine and natural weather when you are hosting an event on a sunny day. On a chilly or a windy day, you close it partially to create a warmer ambience and make it act as a shield against the cold weather. They are sculpted in freeform shapes and so you can use it to create any kind of unique and captivating shape. An additional feature is that stretch-tents are available in a huge variety of colours and patterns and thus, you can transform any place into an event location and have the perfect depiction of the theme with the right stretch-tent hire.

Stretch tent hire - your best option for hosting a party

  • Resistant to almost everything: When I say that stretch-tents are resistant to everything, it is not an overstatement. A stretch-tent is made with advanced fabrics technology and thereby it is water repellant. These tents are not only 100% waterproof but are fire retardant as well. These tents resist UV rays as well. Simply put, these tents are resistant to any kind of effects of nature. So, you do not have to worry about weather forecasts while hosting your event.
  • A branding opportunity: Stretch tents are ideal for any kind of corporate event aiming to create and establish a brand. A stretch-tent hire is the simplest way to bring your brand to life as a stretch-tent displays your brand image in a unique way. Thus, stretch tent hire is considered one of the best marketing strategies.

With so many advantages of stretch-tent hire, you have several reasons to host your next party in a stretch-tent. This is, without a doubt, a cost-effective way of hosting a successful event outdoors. You save a lot of money spent on the rent of venues and yet have the benefit of experiencing the outside weather during the event. Where would you find such a huge package of advantages if not in a stretch-tent hire?

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