Master The Art Of Fine Dining In 3 Lessons

Master The Art Of Fine Dining In 3 Lessons

Fine dining

When you think of fine dining, you probably picture a fancy atmosphere in an elegant restaurant with a menu that offers subtle and complex flavors. In other words, you rarely mix up a fine dining restaurant with the fast food next door. The kind of food they cook is different, the way they approach cooking is different, and more importantly, the kind of customers is completely different. That’s probably why most people when they go to a fine dining restaurant, find themselves becoming incredibly nervous and being desperate to prove that they belong to this world too. It is easily understandable why the idea of such a restaurant could give your sweaty palms. You are aware that you will be judged for your behavior and the way you eat your food. While this doesn’t matter in a local, informal restaurant, it is important to make a positive impression when you decide to join the fine dining scene. It is a matter of social status. But how do you master the art of fine dining without looking too silly while you try? Here’s a little guide to help you through it.

How Do You Know If It’s A Good Place?

It can seem odd to ask, but how do you know that the restaurant that claims to be fine dining offers the quality that you expect? The easiest way to be sure that you are not falling into the trap a pompous but low-quality place is to check the local food critics for the best restaurants around. You can be sure that fine dining restaurants will be listed and tried for you so that you know how fine they are. Additionally, if you want to be sure of your choice, you can rely on the Michelin guide which assigns stars from one to three to the best restaurants in the world. While three stars restaurants are rare, you will find plenty of excellent one and two stars example that offer a palette of cuisines and presentations.

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How To Look The Part

A fine dining restaurant usually has a specific dress code. Think of it as a social event for which your favorite pair of jeans may not be best suited. However, it doesn’t mean that you should break the bank to buy an appropriate outfit.

You could work with quality items that are simple but elegant, such as a dark color dress for example. Using clever accessories to build your look, you can coordinate your shoes and your handbag to soft and neutral tones to match the atmosphere of the restaurant. When it comes to jewelery, remember that less is always more. A quality necklace or a nice bracelet will do fine to accentuate your style

What’s With The Cutlery?

The difficult part of fine dining is knowing which cutlery you should be using. Fine dining restaurants tend to see the table with a series of forks, spoons and knives, which might be confusing. The best way to deal with it is to work from the outside in. The cutlery that is the farthest away from your plate is set for the first dish, and so on. Additionally, you should always place back the cutlery on your plate, when you are eating. Make sure to cross the fork and the knife in the plate to indicate that you are still eating. Check out the best folding karambit here.

Master The Art Of Fine Dining In 3 Lessons platesThe Art Of Fine Dining In 3 Lessons



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