How To Do A Lot With a Little Space

how to do a lot with a little space yellow flower

With summer in full swing, now is the perfect time to get out and enjoy your outdoor spaces. If you have a small garden, and you haven’t been quite sure what to do with it, there’s still plenty of summer left to spruce up your small outdoor space! We’ve got a few suggestions that might help get your imagination going. winterize your outdoor fountain or anything related to this which would be a good fit.

Vertical Gardening Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Vertical gardening is always a smart choice if you’re limited on space, and it doesn’t have to be hard either. All you need is an old canvas, over the door shoe organizer, so vines, or herbs and some dirt. Just pick a wall or a fence, hang your shoe organizer, fill with dirt and then plant with whatever strikes your fancy.

Feature Piece

A small space can be absolutely wonderful for showcasing a beautiful feature piece, if you want to stick with plants, a dwarf tree, or large shrub in a unique container can be a great place to start. An outdoor garden fountain is another great way to go with this idea. It will add that little bit of class and charm to make your small garden a place that you are eager to show off.

The Versatility of Potting

If you are limited in your lawn space, but have a patio, or seating area in your garden, potting your plants can turn your garden into your own private sanctuary. You can pot almost any sort of plant, even dwarf trees, and have it work wonderfully. In addition to shrubs and flowers, you can also get on board with the trend of eating what you grow by planting vegetables and herbs. Don’t feel restricted with what you use as a container either. You can use mettle tubs, repurpose an old tool box, a teapot, anything else you can think of to give your garden a unique charm all its own!

Climbing Plants

Coaxing a plant up a wall or over a fence, actually isn’t that hard. All you need is the plant, a pot, or other container, and a stake. Once the plant starts in an upward direction, it tends to take care of the rest on its own. There are a surprising number and variety of plants that will climb, and you can use this trick to add depth and visual interest in a small space.

Whatever direction you choose to take, just remember that a small garden can still be a wonderful retreat. You don’t need a lot of space to create an escape that fits you and your style perfectly!


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