The City of Djinns-Discover the spooky side of Delhi

The City of Djinns-Discover the spooky side of Delhi

The capital city of India, New Delhi, is a potpourri of modernity and traditionalism, merging the old with the new in a seamless manner. The posh, trendy malls and shopping zones are brilliantly balanced by the relics of history past and age-old markets that line the interiors of Delhi. Visitors to the city throng the innumerable street vendors selling delectable street food like chaat, samosas and tikkis. However, beneath the gloss and glamour of the city, lies an unexplored and eerie side that’s waiting to be discovered.

Uncover the secrets of the past

If one has a lion’s heart and love to explore haunted places, then Delhi is the place to try out these skills. It is obvious that one cannot hire a taxi or an auto-rickshaw to be taken to such forsaken places and hiring a self-drive car will be perfect. One could approach a professional and modern car rental agency like Zoomcar to get a spacious and luxuriously-built Delhi airport taxi for the IGI airport and hit the roads in quest of an unusual adventure. Got the heart pumping and adrenalin flowing through the veins? Don’t worry, the air-conditioned environs of the self-drive car will cool the body and mind in an instant.

Get on to the ghostly trails in a self-drive car

The city of Delhi hides many unfinished stories and past secrets, especially within the walls of ancient forts and monuments built during the Mughal era. One should patrol the Delhi Cantonment where the spirit of a woman who died in a car accident is said to be roaming the roads here. With a vehicle of one’s choice to bank upon, one can expect to zoom through this area without stalling in the midst of the road. Sanjay Van is another such place where the banyan trees are the source of ghostly voices and sounds, with a white-clothed woman making an occasional appearance. Locals are known to have encountered this and one may privy to such encounters too. Want to keep the car running in case one feels the need to flee from here?

In Quest of the unknown

If one has convinced half a dozen fellow ghost-lovers to accompany on this unusual trip, it will be ideal to choose a spacious SUV or a wide-bodied sedan to accommodate all these brave-hearts. Since one is self-driving, there is always space to invite an additional pal on this exciting journey without worrying about the driver getting spooked. As soon as one is on the road, drive towards Qutub Institution Area where two Sufi saints are buried. Visitors here have experiences of being slapped, so one needs to be careful. Delhi’s oldest cemetery, the Lothian cemetery is a burial ground for those who were killed in the 1857 uprising and is believed to be haunted too.

It is a wonderful option to explore the unknown side of this ancient city, using a self-drive Delhi airport cab that has a GPS fitted for directions. This way, one doesn’t have to depend on the locals to reach a preferred location and can take the unfamiliar path only the brave hearts dare to.


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