Must have travel gear for 2017: Explore the World with these Handy Accessories

Must have travel gear for 2017 Explore the World with these Handy Accessories

Travelling is the best alternative to take a breather from the chaos of life. It rejuvenates your mind and relieves you from the hustle bustle of the town. Packing all your essentials into a medium sized bag which is not even heavy  to carry.  Is this possible? Yes! We bring to you a list of best gears for a minimized travelling experience.  The below accessories will enable the traveler to pack your bags smartly.

10 Best Gears for the Travel Enthusiasts

Packing for a long summer vacation can be exciting with minimized travel bags. It is difficult to pack all your necessities in a backpack, instead a smart packing can help. The traveler needs to plan systematically and arrange his stuffs such that minimal effort and time are required. It includes a perfect backpack or suitcases, electronic  gadgets are some of the basic things required by every traveler.

We bring to you a list of all the necessary things required to be carried, that is both burdenless and packed smartly. Thus, smart packing is the answer to all these issues. Let us understand how your travelling experience can be made more exciting and memorable.

1.  Backpack

A perfect spacious backpack is utmost important for every traveler. Trekking or camping can be turned into fun with an ease to carry your bag everywhere. The Pacsafe’s Venturesafe 25L is recommended to be the best of all. This is lightweight, anti theft, tough and waterproof. This sound normal right? It also comprises of slash proof wires, clips to lock all the zippers and a    15-inch laptop space. Click here to see more travel related gear.

2. Suitcase

carry on hardshell travel

The suitcase is also a good option if you have a huge luggage to carry. Away Travel’s Carry-On is available in all sizes and color to suit your convenience. It facilitates with built-in battery for day long charging, TSA approved look, superior quality Hinomoto wheels, scratch resistant and is unbreakable with a life long guarantee! The bag weights 71lbs, provides a volume of 38litres and still lightweight! Can you imagine! Check out these options for international carry ons.

3. Pack-it Cubes

travel bags for toiletries

They are the smaller versions of backpacks that let you systematically packs your bag without searching for anything at the last moment. The Eagle Creek’s Pack is a must buy! Designed in the form of cubes ranging from small to big sizes. Pack all your essentials like gadgets, medical kit or cosmetics with desired tags in different cubes so that don’t mess you lugage searching for things. Available in individual or set of three, these bags are fully zipped and best quality that won’t let you down!

4. Water Bottle

flask water bottles

The Kleen Kanteen is a classic product designed for water requirements in remote places. The steel water bottle is lightweight, durable with a loop can that allows it to fit in your bag. Stay hydrated with the high quality that never compromises on your health.

5. Sophisticated Gadgets like Tablet

tablet travel

Electronic gadgets are a must, they help you pass the time without even knowing! The iPad Pro, is a  12.9 inch screen display that looks like a standard piece of paper. It is skinny to fit anywhere into your bag. You may also experience, the Samsung  Galaxy Tab Pro 2 with long extended battery life paired with a traditional keyboard. Enjoy the best movie experience with these gadgets for a stress free travelling experience.

5. Camera

canon digital camera for travel

Pictures depict the memories and is the best way to flaunt your travel stories. Cannon’s Powershot Line has invented the Powershot G9X Mark II with a large 1 Inch display screen, 20 MP image sensor and 3*200m lens. The classic brown and silver look gives it a ‘Wow’ expression, but if you don’t feel the same then select the standard black color. Check out the best camera for YouTube here.

6. Kindle

kindle fire tablet for travel

This one is a must for all the avid e-readers. Opt for  Kindle’s Paperwhite with high resolution screen and excellent ability to read even in direct sunlight. The best part of this gadget will keep you bewildered, the battery life is measured in days not hours! Keep reading your favorite novels without any battery issues.

7. Headphone and Speakers

bose headphones for travel

No. 1 music giant Bose is providing best sound quality and best musical luxury. The Quite Comfort 35s may fulfill your desires for a peacefull music hearing session. For a wireless experience change to the Quiet Comfort 20s. Headphones are great entertainers for the time to pass easily. Portable speaker like the UE Roll 2 is applauded for its world class frequency that converts a boring place into party time. The unique design, waterproof speakers is a good idea if you are a party person.

8. Power Bank

phone charging dock wireless cordless for travel

It is hard to imagine oneself without a phone. The battery of your handset may last for a couple of hours, but power bank is the ultimate solution to keep your phone charged. The Anker PowerCore 20100 is the ultimate solution to save the trip!

10. Medical Kit

medical kit yellow for travel

During any unfortunate accidents, the smart travel Medical kit from Adventure medical kit is handy and needs to be your companion throughout the trip. All necessary medical facilities you during minor scraps or ailments that might hinder your adventurous trip. Be free  to explore everything with this medical kit at hand.

11. GPS Tracker

iphone with gps for travel mapping

Are you afraid of misplacing your luggage? The Tile Mate will be a blessing. Just pin it up with the backpack zipper or your keyrings. This Bluetooth finder will help you find  your missing backpacks  with the tracker displaying the map on your smartphone.


The above gears or accessories are a boon to mankind that enables safe as well as an enjoyable trip. If you are a solo travelers these gears are a must buy! Buy these gadgets from India’s biggest online shopping platform Amazon. Choose your best friend with a similar hobby to plan a spontaneous trip far away, as said by a famous man Tim Cahell, “ A journey is best measured in friends rather than mile.”

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