Top 5 Tips for Students Traveling in Europe

Top 5 Tips for Students Traveling in Europe car on map

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  1. TOP 5 tips for students traveling in Europe


1.1. Budget

1.2. Safety

1.3. Eat and dress local

1.4. Pack smart

1.5. See everything and have fun


As students, we want to be able to travel the world whenever we get the time, especially whenever school is out. The top destination that you may choose is Europe because of various reasons such as its vast landscape, the weather, the culture and also the people.

Europe can be a darling to you if you know the right things to do and it can also be cold if you do not have a plan to make sure that your trip is well catered for. Once you get to Europe there are several things that you can do to ensure that you get the most out of Europe without having to do a lot.

Here we will share some tips on how to travel in Europe without any worries:

  1. Budget

Summer vacations normally equate to unlimited fun without any restrictions whatsoever on the expenditure as you’ve done throughout the semester. But before you go on having a wild, fun time throughout Europe, be sure to keep track of your expenditure.

Before you leave, make sure that you have a daily budget for your stay throughout Europe, budget for your food, transport, accommodation, gifts, and anything else that you may need and also include 10% extra for emergencies just in case. It’s always good to be prepared.

This may seem like a lot but this way, you will have something to fall on during those late nights in town and you need a taxi or when you decided to buy something that you may like but had not planned for.

Once your budget is all set, you may want to observe a few things:

  • Keep your cash in different places, like inside the hotel room or somewhere safe with you. Leave your ATM cards somewhere safe as you may need them for emergencies or in case you get pick-pocketed and lose all your money.
  • Most restaurants and cafés do not accept plastic money so be sure to carry cash and a lot of it so as to cover these places.
  • Buy sparingly when it comes to gifts and souvenirs. Some cities such as Oslo will have pricey gifts and others like Istanbul in Turkey things may be cheaper and more unique.
  1. Safety

This may sound like something silly but safety is very important whenever you’re traveling through Europe, whether you’re alone or in a group. Beware of your surroundings and be on the lookout for certain things to make sure that you go back home safe and with all your belongings.

The first thing to observe if you’re a drinker is to be cautious and smart. Don’t drink too much but rather drink for company and stay together in a group. Once you’re done for the night, take a taxi back to your hotel and don’t accept drinks from strangers. Always stick together as a group and look out for each other.

Pickpocketing is rampant in Europe. To avoid this, be sure to keep expensive things such as jewelry out of sight, never leave your bag unattended, and do not give anyone money. These are basic rules to follow that will save you a lot of headache throughout your stay.

Another thing to observe is the neighborhoods that you choose to stay in, make sure they are safe and the hotel that you’re staying in can guarantee the safety of your belongings. Beware of the food that you eat to avoid food poisoning or allergies – this might land you in the emergency area of the hospital.

In case of anything, be sure to know where your country embassy is in every city that you visit. This will help you in recovering lost passports and other stolen items. Also, before you leave home, write down your credit and debit card number down together with any other important items and share your itinerary with your family members.

Whenever you visit a new place, be sure to know a few phrases in the local language such as a simple hello, goodbye, and thank you. Your accent may not agree with you but at least you tried. You can also get help from the best speech writers through various resources online, it may come in handy.

  1. Eat and Dress Local
Top 5 Tips for Students Traveling in Europe eating chips

Most of the popular food items are most likely cheaper at the market stalls rather than in restaurants. So, if you happen to have a craving for a certain local delicacy, be sure to check out the local food market. Also, if there are any festivals nearby or local events, go and see what they’re about, they can be a source of affordable meals and souvenirs.

You can also get cheap food by going to eat where the locals do, they too have their own local hideouts where very cheap food can be found. It can be a small restaurant or a by the side café that offers to go meals. All these places can save you a lot of money throughout your stay.

A word of caution – do not eat what you necessarily don’t know or doesn’t look hygienic. We don’t want you to get food poisoning now. Also, avoid food that may be allergic to you, ask what it contains before you consume it wholeheartedly. If you’re ever invited by strangers to dine with them during a certain local holiday, you can take up the offer but also be cautious so as not to fall victim to a scam.

Knowing what to wear is important throughout Europe. You can never go wrong by choosing to dress smart and casual. If you choose to wear sweatpants and flipflops this can work to your disadvantage as locals can spot you as a tourist from like a mile away. You can decide to accessorize a little but avoid putting on expensive jewelry.

  1. Pack Smart

Since you may be on a budget and may not be able to afford an expensive hotel, be sure to carry your own toiletries as most of the cheap hotels may not give you conditioner, shampoo or even toothpaste.

Since you’ll be coming from the US, carry European plug adapters. If you’re traveling to England continental Europe, this will be a must have for you as they use a different plug and voltage. Other essentials to bring include an extra memory card for your camera since there will be a lot of picture taking, a sweater or windbreaker, a lock for your backpack, a pair of good boots or walking shoes and also an umbrella (it rains most of the time). You can also carry a map for the days that your phone is off.

Be sure to also pack light but pack the most important clothes that you’re sure you will need, like the sweater for cold days and a swimming costume for the days that you choose to hit the beach for a little fun in the sand.

  1. See Everything and Have Fun

See the most that you can but don’t try and exhaust yourself. You don’t have to see every landmark that there is. Pick the most prolific ones and see those first before you move on to others that may be not so known to the masses. While seeing these sites do not talk to strangers or accept anything from them, they may end doing something malicious to you.

Also, while visiting the site, do not engage in bad behavior such as going to restricted areas or touching things that you’re not allowed to. Such behavior may land you in a jail cell for a long time as Europeans may have strict laws that are very enforceable.

You can also go see the places that excite you the most and you’ll be sure to have a great time. An important point to remember – don’t spend your entire trip behind the camera! Experience things as they come, only capture moments when you need to!


There you go, folks, those are the ways you can ensure that you have the best time while traveling through Europe. While out there be sure to enjoy the weather and embrace the culture. They have very cool sports such as handball and cricket that you’re sure to enjoy. The architecture is also to die for, don’t be afraid to wander all over the city just enjoying the view. Also, enjoy the beaches in the south France and drink the wine, responsibly!

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