Quick and Easy Thin Crust Pizza Recipe

thin crust pizza prep

Did you know that making a thin crust pizza barely takes 20 minutes of your time?
In case you are also an avid innovator and you often visit your kitchen to have some healthy fun, then why not allow yourself to test your pizza making skills?

Case in point, here’s a quick and easy recipe to prepare a thin crust pizza at home.

Making a Thin Crust Pizza At Home

Let’s begin learning how to make a thin crust pizza by cross- checking our list of ingredients first. To make that mouth-watering pizza, you’d need the following ingredients.


  1. a) 2 1⁄4 teaspoons of yeast
  2. b) 1⁄4 teaspoon of sugar
  3. c) 3⁄4 cup of hot water
  4. d) 1 3⁄4 cups of flour
  5. e) 1⁄2 teaspoon of table salt
  6. f) 14 ounce of the best pizza sauce you could get your hands on.

The Process

Once you get all of them as mentioned, we begin with the process of preparing the pizza base. You would need to dissolve the yeast and sugar into 3/4 cup of hot water and thereafter let it settle down, takes near about 8-10 minutes for the same.
Now, alongside this, you could mix the flour and salt. Gently pour the yeast solution over the flour and salt mixture and mix it well using a heavy spoon.
Once done, get a surface and flour it well. Transfer the mix onto it and then knead it for at least 2 minutes. In case you ain’t that experienced with the measurements of a pizza, simply try to make a 12 to 14” circle over the floured surface. Don’t worry, you may take your time here.

Now, important thing. You would need to transfer it to a well-oiled pizza pan. Make sure you do it carefully. Once done, stretch the base to meet the edges of the pizza pan.


The choice of pizza topping might vary from person to person or from recipe to recipe. However, here are some extravagant options that could simply do the trick!

Some topping alternatives:

●     Chicken minced, chicken salami, smoked chicken, pepperoni

●     Olives, jalapenos, mushroom

●     Tomatoes, sliced, onion and sweet corn

●     Green pepper, red pepper, capsicum

●     Mozzarella cheese, shredded, baby corn, broccoli

●     Chopped garlic

thin crust pizza supremeOnce you decide what particular toppings to be used, you could prepare them separately as per your liking and thereafter move ahead with the process of making a thin crust pizza.
Next thing in the line would be add the pizza sauce. Make sure to balance the amount of sauce by spreading it equally all over the base.

One more thing, the taste of pizza depends quite a lot on the sauce you choose. Some be considerate about your pizza sauce choice. You also have the option to prepare it from scratch at home. However, that will take more time.

Once done, start adding the toppings. Sprinkle them evenly on the pizza surface.
With this, you are now ready with your Pizza skeleton.

Prepare your oven at 500 degree and place the well-decorated raw pizza in it.
Let it prepare for 8-12 minutes. You would know when your pizza is be ready by observing the edges which would turn golden.

So there you go, wasn’t that difficult after all, or was it?
Make a thin crust pizza at home and surprise your loved ones!


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