The Best Paleo Jerky Recipes (That Are Both Tasty and Healthy!)

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In the world of fitness, the term “Paleo” is a booming trend. It is not only because of its novelty. It is also because this diet yields great health benefits to the body.

Specifically, the Paleo diet is a specialized approach in your eating regimen. It prescribes unique intakes and cooking methods that would target your genetics. Through this, the efficiency in getting lean and healthy is bolstered. Of course, it is a diet that veers away from the conventional foods and commercialized products that cause obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

But don’t think that this diet will make you puke or spend some hefty amount of cash. In fact, I can consider that Paleo-diet is a cost-efficient and delicious way of preserving the health. As a proof of this, many sumptuous snacks have their Paleo versions! For example, if you are a lover of jerkies, you are a lucky one.

Paleo Jerky Recipes

There are various Paleo jerky recipes that you can try. And yes. There is no need for you to become an expert food gourmet just to make them. With the simplest of ingredients and skills, you can get them done at the convenience of your home! Here are some of them!

Best Paleo Jerky Recipes

Beef jerkies are inarguably the most popular type of jerky in the market today. However, most of the beef jerkies sold commercially are studded with preservatives that could be deleterious to your health. Fortunately, a Paleo beef jerky doesn’t go near with this. The latter is usually made from thin slices of purely organic beef.

Moreover, the marinade of this jerky is a byproduct of different combinations of healthy seasonings such as paprika, garlic powder, sesame oil, chili pepper, Himalayan salt, and balsamic vinegar. The process is just the same. But this one is just healthier than its counterpart.

The convenience of Paleo diet is also attributed to the simplicity of cooking methods and recipes. They do not involve tools and appliances that are complicated to operate. You can just use some traditional amenities like butcher knives and slicing knives, and you are ready to go!

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The Paleo diet introduced a whole new world for recipes. Even for simple snacks such as jerkies, this diet has them. If you love deer meat so much, then you might want to try venison jerky. The taste of this jerky is very comparable to the finest beef jerkies. Moreover, it has its own share of health benefits, too. Such of these are its high contents of protein and iron. It could also prevent risk factors for heart diseases, too.

Fortunately, the marinade that you should use for a venison jerky is not that complicated. You will just need lemon juice, honey, onion powder, Worcestershire sauce, and Himalayan salt. Just slice the venison into strips, mix them into the marinade, and then place them in your oven for 4-5 hours. Specifically, the temperature of the oven should be around 165 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.


These are some of the tastiest Paleo jerkies that you can prepare in your kitchen. Since the availability of these meat variants is not rare, you can have them prepared anytime you want. Just make sure that you choose fresh ingredients so that your health won’t be compromised!

There are various resources over the internet that could give you tasty and healthy recipes for Paleo diet. I am sure that you won’t run out of options, especially in making jerkies!

For the meantime, I would like to encourage you to try on this diet. It will certainly give you the benefits that your body is looking for!

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